What Happen When You Are Skipping Breakfast


Some people think that skipping breakfast can make them lose weight, but think again. There are many diseases that result from skipping breakfast that you might never know. Some people might get up late for school or work, and they often skip breakfast. First, you have to know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You spend the whole night sleeping with an empty stomach. Why would you skip breakfast for some other hours more? There are 5 serious diseases that you will face if you keep on skipping your morning meal. Don’t risk your life, try to make time to have breakfast. A little meal is better than nothing.

5 Diseases Result From Skipping Breakfast

1Acid Reflux Disease

Our stomach has the role to release enzymes to digest the food when it comes to mealtime. And meal time does not refer to when we eat, meal time refers to the time that we are supposed to eat. So when the enzyme is released and there is no food to digest, what will happen? It is trapped in the body which causes esophagus and gastric mucosa irritation. That is not healthy, and your stomach won’t function the way it should anymore if you continue to skip breakfast.


Like I said, we sleep the whole night on empty stomach at least 10 hours after dinner till morning. So your body expects to get nutrients first thing in the morning. However, if you ignore your golden meal of the day, the level of blood sugar will get lower. That leads to the little amount of sugar to feed to the brain. What happens next? You begin to become forgetful as a result of the improperly working of the brain.


Breakfast is the most important meal that your body needs to create energy for the whole day. Breakfast also helps the nutrients to stimulate the metabolic system to reduce hormone insulin disorders. Without breakfast, your body does not function properly which leads to the chance of getting diabetes up to 50%. This occurs to people of all ages who choose to ignore their breakfast.


Like I mentioned above, skipping breakfast is not one of the methods to be thin and lose weight at all. Skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism, and that makes you feel hungry even more often. What happens when you are hungry? You eat even more during lunch, or you might add even extra snacks which are more than the breakfast that you skipped. And don’t ask “I skipped breakfast for long now, why am I still fat?”. You torture your own body, honey.

5Cardiovascular Disease

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This is serious, and it is caused by just skipping breakfast alone. As you can see, the 4 diseases above will visit if you skip breakfast too often. Apart from that, the cholesterol level of your body will highly increase which leads to heart disease and stroke.

So don’t skip your breakfast, at least eat something even if you try to lose weight. If you love your health and want to stay healthy, eat well and exercise often. Make time for it because health is not sold on the market.

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