10 Weirdest Jobs That People Do Around The World

weirdest jobs

What first comes into your mind when you see the word weirdest jobs? There are hundreds of jobs that people do around the world, some are easy while the others are not. The level of difficulties of the job is something, but the odds of the job is another thing. Somewhere out there on our earth, there are people who do the weirdest jobs because they have no choice. Or, they do those jobs because nobody would and somebody has to do it. Or in the another case, the money is good. We bring you 10 weirdest jobs that you might never know exist, let us know if you ever heard of them before.

1Body Farm Caretaker

In case you wonder who cleans up the body at the murder investigation site, you are reading about one. The Body Farm Caretaker’s job is not only to drag the body off the site but also to clear the maggots and worms off the dead body. Yup, that too. By dead bodies, they can be of the people or the animals which is somehow unpleasant to do. Definitely one of the most disgusting and weirdest jobs to exist in the world.

2Fart Smeller

image: Funny Pictures House

That job exist, yes. It is not only the weirdest jobs but also the most demanding job in China where people are paid to smell other human’s gas. The people who involve in this job are offered with an annual package that are incomparable with other top class professions. As a matter of fact, this job is actually very popular in China which is somehow weird.

The purpose is to cost cut the medical expenses, and only the professionals can do it properly. By that, they are able to identify the internal secrets of other people’s body by just sniffing the gas. Since the job is very rare because it needs people with high skill to do it, the competition for it is actually low.

3Oshiya (Pusher)

image: Pinterest

This job is more common in Japan where railways hire Oshiya to push the commuters inside the train. Pusher is a popular job at crowded train stations where passengers are often beyond the limit of normal capacity. The one railway that has a lot of Oshiya is Japanese Railway who chooses to hire Pushers instead of expanding the space. By doing so, the cramming people will get inside the train faster so the delay is also reduced. Normally, Pushers are part-time workers like students and station staffs. Interested?

4Paint Drying Watcher

image: Pinterest

We always joke that men love staring into the walls or staring at nothing. And, there is actually a job that people who do that can relate to. So the paint industry hires Paint Drying Watcher to do this boring job in the world. Dr. Thomas is the person who has been doing this job for 4 years with an international paint company, Delux. So his job is to look at the painted wall on a daily basis as part of his whole job description.

The responsibility of this job is to observe the changing color after the paint being applied on the wall. Also, he has to observe the amount of time it takes to get latched up with the wall as well. It is boring, but this job is to ensure the quality of the paint that the company sells worldwide. So thank to paint drying watchers we have the right paint to paint our rooms and houses.

5Pet Food Tester

image: Daily Mail Online

Admit it, some of us find dog food or cat food tasty at some point. If you are that person, maybe pet food tester can be the job that you will love doing. Many branded companies who supplying their products in the market have their own professional pet food tester. The job is simple, you will have to test the nutritional and taste levels of the food. Also, you will have to provide feedback on taste, smell, and the brittleness of the food as well.

As pet owners, we always seek for the best for our loving pets which is why the job exists. Telling the details on the fragrance in the pet food products is also part of the job as well. Many professional pet food testers earn an annual income of about $75,000. So what do you think?

6Professional Iceberg Mover

image: Pinterest

In case you are not aware, icebergs in the ocean are one of the reasons for ship tragedy across the world. That is why the International Ice Patrol created a organization after the Titanic catastrophe to keep any further occurrences from happening in the future. North American and other European Countries created this organization with Professional Iceberg Movers to clear large icebergs.

It wouldn’t be one of the weirdest jobs in the world if the moving process is fun. As moving, the people have to face with high wavy conditions which can cause the toppling of the ship. Just so you know, moving a single iceberg can take above 72 hours since the boat can move at about one nautical mile per hour. The picture says it all, it is a scary experience if you are not an expert at it.

7Professional Sleepers

image: Pixabay

You might think it is a fun and the most comfortable job in the world, but it is not that easy. The hotel industry mainly hires Professional Sleepers to test the sleeping comfort level of the bed. If you do the job, you will have to write a detailed feedback of the experience and the requirements to improve the comfort level. The job has the word Professional for a reason, you have to take this job seriously.

8Snake Milker

Do we have a snake lover here? If you love snakes, then this might be the job that you will love to do. Snake milker is one of the lethal and weirdest jobs because it involves entirely with snakes. This job is actually available almost everywhere around the world since scientists or some people need snake venom. A snake milker has to squirt snake’s venom into a tin to produce antivenin.

Bill Hasst, aka the Venom Legedary was a pioneer in venom research who has survived over 172 venomous snake bites during his entire career. As a matter of fact, he has commenced this profession successfully for 100 years since his teenage days. In case you are used to handling snakes and want to take your skill to the next level, snake milker should be on top of the list.

9Vomit Collector

image: Pinterest

This is not only one among the weirdest jobs but also the disgusting one as well, like the dirtiest ever. You will find this kind of job at theme parks where roller coasters with scary rides exist. Theme parks are forced to hire vomit collectors because the number of people who vomit after the rides is too high. Disgusting indeed, but the purpose is to do the cleanse of bacterial infection instead of stench actually. No one wants to see someone’s puke, thanks to vomit collector, the roller coaster area is always clean.

10Worm Picker

image: Pinterest

Now this is what we call the disgusting kind of job that not everyone of us is interested in doing. All you need is a flashlight and a bucket, and you have to collect quality earthworms for the shipment purpose. It kind of makes good money since a tin of worms can be up to 18 bucks at the lowest price. If you do it during the daytime, you do it with your bare hands. As for at night, you might need to wear protective gloves to prevent from harmful insects on the ground.


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