10 Weirdest Islands In The World You Probably Never Heard Of

weirdest islands
image: Wikimedia Commons

Among thousands of islands, there are 10 weirdest islands that stand out from the others. Some of them are awesome since they are full of adorable animals. However, some other weirdest islands are full of mysteries which you might not want to visit at all. Let’s take a look at some of these weirdest islands and see what makes them so unique.

1Christmas Island Red Crab

Holy Crab! Yup, this island is full of red crabs walking from the forest into the sea every day. They leave the sea and walk in the forest, and walk out of the forest into the sea annually. This island is in the Indian Ocean, and you can visit the crabs if you want to. But be careful.

2Ilha de Queimada

Or Snake Island, and you know what this island is full of: Poisonous Snakes. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this island has thousands of poisonous snakes literally everywhere. No, you cannot visit there because the majority of these snakes are the most poisonous snakes in the world.

3Isola La Gaiola

Napoli - Parco archeologico del Pausilypon3
image: Wikimedia Commons

Located in Italy, this island is also known as a cursed island. Hans Braun was the first person who lived on the island back in 1920 with his wife. Some times later, both of them were found dead following by more deaths of the new owners. Later, there was a rich man who bought the island, and he became a prisoner for some reason. Now, Isola La Gaiola is a tourism site but no one dares to live there again.


Known as Rabbit Island, this amazing dry land in the sea has thousands of bunnies living. It used to be the place for weapons storage during wars in Japan. But now? The rabbits are the rulers, and they are super friendly with tourists.

5La Isla De Las Munecas

weirdest islands

This is the creepiest island ever. You don’t have to step on the island to see how terrifying it is. You can see hundreds of abandoned dolls hanging on the trees from the distance. All these dolls are the dedication to a girl who mysteriously died somewhere nearby. There was a man who had the idea of hanging those dolls, and he passed away in 2001. Later, his son continued to hang more dolls and it has become a tourism site now. The island is not far from Mexico City, you can drop by if you visit the country.

6Luzon Island

There are 2 weird things about this island. First, it is a volcanic mountain yet has a lake in the middle of the mountain itself. On top of that, there is another small island in the middle of the lake in the middle of the mountain. This is probably the only case of the lake in the center of the island with an island in it like that. Awesome, isn’t it?


Palmyra Atoll NWR aerial FWS
image: Wikimedia Commons
Paradise on earth is what people called this island, but it is also has a lot of mysteries. This island is in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Samoa Island. Back in 1974, there was a couple who mysteriously disappeared after they parked their yacht on this island. 6 years later, 2 more people also disappeared on the very same island. None of them were found.

8Sable Island

Rich in green grass and beautiful meadow, this island the perfect habitat for hundreds of wild horses. The island is in the Atlantic Ocean, Canada. Horses live happily from the grass and rainwater annually there. You can visit them if you like since the journey won’t take long, and it is really worth it. Horse lovers know that the exact place to see the horses, and it is Sable Island of course.


Do we have cat lovers here? Don’t forget to drop by this island because it has so many cats you lost count. There are about 100 elderly living there, and there are a lot of guesthouses that you can stay in. Some of the houses even design with the shape and design of cats. The endless meow is waiting for you, look at them! There is one rule though, ‘Don’t Bring Dogs.’


Another unique island in Japan is Tsukishima, the island of monkeys and deer. Despite the large population of the animals, no one hunts them for sports or food at all. These animals are living peacefully on the island, and they are also the attraction of tourists as well.


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