What It’s Like To Visit Malaysia On Independence Day

Independence Day

“Selamat Hari Merdeka” signs were everywhere along the street from the airport to the city, it was going to be Independence Day in Malaysia. I did not know I would visit the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur again on such splendid event, and it was phenomenal indeed. The magnificent thing about this country is that they have a countdown to their Independence Day which is fascinating. I was glad I got to be a part of this celebration during my trip in Kuala Lumpur this time. Also, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Malaysia.

So Malaysia’s Independence Day is on 31st of August, and they had their countdown on Friday night of 30th. The event took place at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center), just behind the Petronas Twin Towers. Actually, a Malaysian friend of mine told me there was going to be firework display, and I was sold immediately. On that Friday night, the roads in the city were filled with traffic since many people flooded to the center. At that time, the malls, the parks, and pretty much everywhere was full of people. After dinner, my friends and I walked to the park to attend the event.

Independence Day
I am short, it was not easy to take this shot from the distance. Behold, the opening performance of the event.

Started from 9PM, there were many dancing and singing performances followed by several other shows. It was my first time in a concert in a different country, and I must admit I was totally amazed. My favorite part was the opening of the show where dancers in Malaysian costumes were dancing to the traditional music. I found it very entertaining and resplendent, and it was a beautiful show to remember. At 23:55PM, the national anthem began and it was thrillingly astounding to listen to. The countdown began, and the firework was shot up in the sky when the clock struck 12AM.

Independence Day
I am glad I was able to capture this image, the photo could not do justice to the real beauty of this moment.

“Boom! Boom!”, the sound repeatedly shook the sky along with colorful firework display right behind the Petronas Twin Towers. Then, the big and small explosions followed by the sizzling stars that fell down after the large flaming balls in the air. The firework display continued for 10 minutes, and the crowd was cheering with joy. People began to cheer each time the firework exploded in the air. The kids were laughing, the adults were also grasping with excitement as the firework was in the sky. The citizens began clapping together after the firework display ended, and so did I because the moment was unforgettably mesmerizing.

It was by far one of the best firework displays I have seen, and it makes me love this country even more. I know that some great things happen unexpectedly, and this moment was one of those. I fell in love with Malaysia last year when I was here, and now I am falling for this country even more. It was a wonderful night, and I am sure that I will go back to this delightful country again.

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