15 Upcoming Horror Movies In 2018 That You Should Not Miss

upcoming horror movies

You know you are a hardcore fan when you always wait for the upcoming horror movies each year. Horror movies are terrifying yet addictive to watch sometimes, and that is the quality of it. Just the some horror movies from the previous years, 2018 is also full of great horror movies as well.

The fun part is that there are sequences of horror movies continue from last year, and they are coming soon. Today, we will bring you 10 best horror movies that will release in 2018. We also bring you the release date as well as the trailer of each movie for you to test. Let’s see if any of these horror movies can reach the level that makes you let out your scream.

From horrifying ghosts to killing, here are the 10 best upcoming horror movies in 2018 that should not miss. Check them out and let us know which one you want to watch the most. Share your thoughts, and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

1Insidious Chapter 4

Release Date: 4th January, 2018

2Day of The Dead

Release Date: 5th January, 2018

3Mom And Dad

Release Date:19th January, 2018

4The Open House

Release Date: 19th January, 2018


Release Date: 2nd February, 2018


Release Date: 22nd February, 2018

7The Strangers

Release Date: 9th March, 2018

8A Quiet Place

Release Date: 6th April, 2018

9Truth Or Dare

Release Date: 13th April, 2018

10The New Mutants

Release Date: 13th April, 2018

11The House With A Clock On Its Walls

Release Date: 21st September, 2018

12The School

Release Date: 2018

13Itsy Bitsy

Release Date: 2018

14Ghost Stories

Release Date: 2018

15The Nanny

Release Date: 2018

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