8 Types of Food That Are Good For Your Eyes

Food that are good for your eyes

When it comes to the health of the eyes, Vitamin A is the first thing that you should think about. Food that is good for your eyes is the type of food that is full of vitamin A, mainly vegetables. The more vitamin A you consume from food, the better the health of your eyes become. That is not all, Vitamin A is the group of nutrients that plays essential parts in your body. It helps maintain the balance of our body’s immune system, the growth of the bones, and of course our eyes.

Vitamin A is so helpful for the fact that it provides great benefits for the eyes. It decreases eye burns and many other diseases that are related to our eyes. If you know that your eyes are weak because they can get hurt easily when you use them for long, think about your diet. In order to make it easy for you to eat just the right food that is good for your eyes, check out our list below. We bring you 8 healthy food that is good for your eyes, so check them out.


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The interesting thing about cabbage is that they are not only rich in vitamin A but also low in calories. Meaning you can consume them as much as you like, and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight at all. At the same time, cabbage can be added to many different types of food courses. Cabbage is very easy to find, and they are very cheap; yet very good for your health. Maybe it is time you eat more cabbage from now, this vegetable is really good.


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You cannot forget carrots when it comes to the food that is good for your eyes. Carrots are full of vitamin A that is good for the eyes, but that is not all. Carrots also contain vitamin C, K, B, magnesium, and fiber. The awesome thing about carrots is that you can eat them in many different ways. You can either eat them raw as snacks or cook them as a part of the meal. Many people like carrots because they are fun and easy to eat, and they are not bitter like some green vegetable. Simply add carrots to your daily meal, and healthy routine will be yours.


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There are many types of lettuce that people consume every day, and all of them are good. Eating them daily will keep not only your eyes healthy but also other parts of the body as well. Apart from vitamin A, lettuce also consists of other nutritions like calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber, Vitamin E, C, and more. Green vegetable is good for health, consume them daily will make you healthy and strong.


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Livers are full of vitamin A, but the ones that contain the most are cow livers. Compare to other food, cow livers have three times more vitamin A which is absolutely good for your eyes. Not everyone finds cow liver interesting to eat especially the Europeans, but cow livers are popular among Asians. Maybe try to add them bit by bit to your diet so that you can easily adapt to its taste.


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Mangoes are popular snacks for people in Southeast Asia, and this type of fruit is very good for your eyes. A mango provides up to 36% of vitamin A to your body which is very good. Mango is also very easy to find, and the price is very inexpensive. You can either eat them ripe or unripe, either way is delicious at your preference. Some can be sour while the others are sweet, so let’s see if you like this fruit.


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Papayas are also one of the popular fruits in Asia, and they are very good for our body. Papaya is rich in many types of vitamins, and they are good for our eyes as well as our digestive system. Apart from helping the eyes to be healthier, papayas are also good for those who often face constipation. Consume papaya daily or at least twice a week will ease a lot of tension in your body.


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Popeye is a good example when it comes to raising awareness of the advantages of spinach. Spinach contains vitamin A, K, C, magnesium, and other protein and vitamin. Not everyone likes spinach because green vegetable is never an interesting thing to eat especially for kids. However, it is beneficial for our bodies which you should consume sometimes to stay healthy.

8Sweet Potato

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If cow liver is not in your field of interest, maybe sweet potato can replace it. A sweet potato delivers up to 438% of vitamin A which is even more than cow liver can provide. Another good part is that sweet potato is also low in calorie which means they are healthy and safe to eat. Less weight more vitamin, what do you think?


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