Trip In Singapore Part II: Souvenirs, Food, and Do’s & Don’ts


You might have already read about my experience of the best places to go in Singapore, but everything does not end there. As you travel, the things that you need to know about are souvenirs, food, and other tips since they are somehow important to be aware of. So I figured out I should include these things for you guys to read as well.

So Singapore is a country with different cultures where communities of people from different countries are combined. That includes Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and the Singaporean themselves. Just 4 cultures together, you already have many things to see. Let alone food courses to try, there are dozens of them to eat. As for souvenirs, they are not too complicated to choose from since the common ones are always easy to find. So we should find out together to see what you have already known and what you will see for the first time. Let’s do this!


Personally, I love Hainanese rice the most. There are different types of Hainanese rice that you can try including grilled pork, roasted chicken, or boiled chicken with Hainanese rice. The taste is on the rice itself makes me attracted to this food course. I am glad that I found this food court called 27A Coffee Shop at the corner of Lor 27A Geylang. A plate of rice is 2 SGD, and the thought of it already makes me hungry again.

Apart from Hainanese rice, there is also other popular food like Cha Kuyteav, Bak Kut Teh, Wanton Noodles, and more. Also, is a variety of food that you can try among Chinese food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, Malaysian food, and even Japanese food. I have also tried a Singaporean Indian dish back in Arab Street, and it was really nice. The dish is called Prata, and I am not sure if you will find it in India since it is the combination of two like that.

P.S: I promise you the food really tastes good, it is just my photography skill that makes them look less appetizing.


For those who travel late around Merlion Park or Marina Bay Sands and look for supper, I know a place. You can go to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for late night supper since the area opens from 1AM to 3 AM in the morning. The food there is also good, and the price is also acceptable. You can find Malaysian food, Chinese food, Thai food, and some local food & drinks there. Make sure to find a seat first before you go to order because it is usually crowded there.


When it comes to souvenirs, it is not that difficult at all. You will find mini stores and places that sell souvenirs in Singapore like in Arab Street and Chinatown. The advice is to go to Chinatown because the price is cheaper, and the variety of souvenirs to choose from is more. Normally, the common souvenirs that you can easily find and buy are keychains, shirts, and bags. And those are what I bought, the quality of the souvenirs is good and the price is reasonable for an expensive country.


If you have friends and family who love eating fish, the best souvenir from Singapore for them is Fish Skin. Fish Skin is a very popular snack that you can find almost everywhere in Singapore. The best Fish Skin is the one that looks like the photo, Salted Egg Fish Skin from Irvins. People wait in line just to buy it, so you really should pack some of them back home too.

3Do’s & Don’ts

There are always certain things that you should know every time you land in a different country. As for Singapore, it is a ‘Fine’ country. Literally fine. You will be fined hundreds of dollars if you do things that you should not do in this fine country. That includes:


It is not that you are not allowed to smoke at all when you are in Singapore. There are certain areas that allow people to smoke, and areas that do not allow people to smoke. If you see a trash bin with a smoke tray like in the picture, you are safe to smoke there. However, if you smoke in a public area, you will be fined 1000 Singapore dollars. I am not kidding, the law has been there for years.


There are a few places that you are not allowed to eat or even drink anything. You will also see the signs that say you cannot eat or drink if you are on the train, taxi, and other means of transportation. If you eat or drink on those transportations, the penalty price is 500 SGD.

P.S: Just to add, you are also not allowed to bring DURIANS on trains, buses, or taxis.

Drinking Rules

When you go to Singapore, drinking cannot be done freely like some other countries in Southeast Asia. The rules state that ‘No Liquor Consumption In Public Places’ with the time and date below:

  • You cannot drink from 10:30PM to 7AM daily.
  • You cannot drink from 7AM on Saturday to 7AM on Monday.
  • You cannot drink from 7PM on the eve of Public Holiday to 7AM on the day after the Public Holiday.

Kind of difficult, but we can do nothing but following the rules. When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do!


Those are just the main things. There is a long list of things that you will be fined if done in public in Singapore including:

  • No flushing in public toilet: 500 SGD
  • No dogs in the prohibitive area: 500 SGD
  • No dancing in a public area: 500 SGD
  • No skateboarding in the prohibitive area: 500 SGD
  • No importing of chewing gum: 1000 SGD
  • No littering: 1000 SGD
  • No bird-feeding: 100SGD
  • No spitting: 500 SGD

I could go all day, but let’s just end here. Also, if you wonder how the heck they know if you do the Don’ts, here is why.

THERE ARE CCTV CAMERAS EVERYWHEREEEE!!! Not a few, but tons of them. By the building, near the corner, by the traffic lights, and probably the birds that fly above you are actually drones with cameras, we never know. It is always better to obey their rules rather than breaking them and get fined hundreds of dollars.

That should be all for the experiences that I have spent for 5 days in Singapore. Shall you have any questions and doubts, feel free to ask!