Trip In Japan: Where To Go In Yokohama The Breezy City

Where To Go In Yokohama

Located by the sea, Yokohama is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan that people love to visit. If you wonder where to go in Yokohama and what to do, here are some suggestions. Known as the Port City, Yokohama is filled with beauty as it lies along the bay which makes trips and explorations even more fun. It is also the second largest city in Japan by population as well, and there is a variety of sights to see in this amazing city.

Among many areas to tour, I have been to 3 incredible places that every tourist should never miss. Each place brings different diversities of people as well as culture along with fun that create an unforgettable memory. If you happen to visit Yokohama, don’t forget to drop by China Town, Port, and Yokohama Cosmo World, and here is why.

China Town

China Town In Yokohama

It takes a couple of minutes to walk from the train station to China Town in Yokohama. The special thing about this awesome town is that it makes you feel like you are in a different place. It was Japanese-ish along the way, and suddenly everything became Chinese. You will find red lanterns along with stores and restaurants on each side of the road accompany by Chinese people inviting you to their places. From food to souvenirs, you can find them all.

Chinese Table-Serving Buffet In China Town

When you enter a Chinese restaurants, the whole thing is totally different when it comes to decoration and the atmosphere; obviously. Even most of the servers speak Chinese instead of Japanese, but communication wasn’t a problem eventually. There are buffet, ordinary food courses, and many choices of food that you can choose from. As always, the one main thing about food in Japan is that they are super safe to eat. You need not worry about food poisoning or anything similar, the food is clean; and most importantly, fingerlickingerlicious.

After food, you can explore the rest of the town like the souvenirs shops that sell plenty of gifts that you can bring home. Apart from that, there are also other snacks like Chinese buns and pastries that you can find as well. Overall, Yokohama’s China Town is worth visiting; and guess what, there will be more fun after that.

Yokohama Cruise Port

Hikawa Maru Memorial Ship

It doesn’t take long to walk from China Town to reach the breezy Yokohama Cruise Port. The awesome thing about the port is that it is absolutely relaxing and refreshing, especially in cold weathers.

You know you have entered the zone when you feel the breeze, the wind, and the cool feeling. The first thing you will see is the Hikawa Maru Memorial Ship aka The Queen of the Pacific. The view of the sea and the beauty of the surroundings are definitely the perfect cure for all tiredness and frustration. The ideal moment to visit this area is evening because you will find the atmosphere extra relaxing and fascinating. As the sun goes down, the lights of the city started to turn up. And that my friends, is when the extra beauty of Yokohama and the Port rises.

View From The Ship

There are benches that you can sit and rest while watching the sea and smelling the refreshing air. Then, you can easily walk to another ship that allows you to see the view of the city and the sea even closer. From that ship, you will face the beauty of Yokohama from a greater height; and the whole place is speechlessly breathtaking. After that, there will be another 20 minutes walk that takes you to more views while leading you to the fun and exciting amusement park.

Yokohama Cosmo World

There are times when you want to scream out loud so that you can feel better. Yokohama Cosmo World gives you a great chance on that, with style. With Roller Coaster Vanish, you will be able to scream as loud as you like; and it is totally fun. You can tell how fun it is because you can definitely hear people screaming as you get closer to the amusement park. Those my friends, are the screams of joy that you need to have at least once in your life. The amusement park has more than just a roller coaster, and the enjoyment is all in your hands.

Yokohama Cosmo World

Another awesome thing that you should never miss is the Ferris Wheel. The clock in the middle of the ride itself shows the distinctiveness as well as the creative design that makes it unique. What makes it special is that you will be able to see the whole Yokohama City from that Ferris Wheel in Yokohama Cosmo World. There might be a long line to wait, but trust me, it is totally worth it. The wheel is slow, and once you reach the top; the view of this breezy city is all before your eyes.

Ferris Wheel And Ice Cream In Yokohama Cosmo World

There is plenty of rides that you can try, and there is also a lot of food that you can taste as well. Ice cream and cakes are very easy to find in Japan, and food lovers know so well that this is a great bonus for the trips. You either end your night after the park or take another walk around the areas. There are a lot of more to explore in Yokohama at night. Let the road takes you, and who knows, you might find more food and drink that you will like!

Tips: If you go to Yokohama in autumn, winter, or any other cold days, be sure to wear thick clothing. Of course it is cold in winter, but the weather by the port is twice as cold as the usual ones. Sweater weather outfits might still freeze your hands; I have been through that situation quiveringly, so be well-prepared.

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