10 Trendy Summer Fashions In 2018 That Will Rock

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What first comes into your mind when you hear the phrase trendy summer fashions? Would you rather go back to the rocking classic 90’s fashion trends or upgrade your 2017 look? Fashion never dies, and here we are looking at some stylish trendy summer fashions that you can pull off. Let’s say we put a bit of everything to create something new, and that is how style works eventually.

Let’s check out these awesome trendy summer fashions and see if they are anywhere around your style. You can recreate these trends and make them your own taste as well since these trends bring great fashion ideas. Make 2018 summer a stylish year to remember, shall we?

10Logo Mania

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From shirts to caps and bags, those with famous branding logos are coming back in 2018. This type of trend fits very well with the modern style, and they are super easy to pull off. You can easily rock those logo clothes and accessories by pairing them with casual clothes in your wardrobe. This kind of trend looks simply classic, and you won’t regret looking at your photos in 2018 from the next 10 years at all.

9Long Line Layers

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These outwear never go wrong, and they look super dope with literally any outfit. Longline layers are also popular among celebrities as well like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more. You don’t have to be famous to rock these long jackets, just be stylish and make it your own way. There are many types of long line layers that you can find like jackets, kimono outwears, etc. They look great with jeans, dresses, shorts, and any outfits that match your style.

890’s Glasses

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Fashion would be incomplete without sunglasses, and 90’s glasses should be on your list as well. The ones with the cat-eyed look and the large round ones have been rocking since January this year. With just a pair of these glasses, you will be able to add some more spice to your outfits and style. So why not?

7Crop Tops

One of the reasons that crop tops don’t go anywhere since the 90’s is because they are super comfy. Not to mention that you can pair them with skirts, jeans, shorts, and pretty much anything easily. You can also upcycle your old tees into new and trendy crop tops as well which is simply great.


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Bandeaux aka Bandana, is one of the trends that last even after years have gone by. It does not only keep your hair neat and bring style to your look but also comes in handy as well. However, it comes with a great twist in 2018 which you might want to consider. The new design of bandeaux is made from silk to make sure that it is soft on your hair. Also, there are more patterns and styles that you can choose from. Let’s see if it will still rock in 2019.

5Cargo Pants

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Not everyone can pull off cargo pants, but if you can, you go girl! Embrace this gift, and make it the best with your creation. One of the best singers, Anna Marie is rocking cargo pants in many of her music videos. Cargo pants can be bulky, but it looks super cool when pairing with crop tops and boots.

4Chunky Boots

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Speaking of boots, chunky boots are still on top of the list when it comes to trendy shoes fashion. I mean, what kind of amazing shoes that can be paired with literally any outfits like that? Chunky boots are the best creation ever. No matter if your OOTD is jeans, shorts, skirts, or dresses, chunky boots can always spice up the look. Not to mention that they are suitable for any seasons all years as well. Have a pair of chunky boots in your closet, and the style is all yours.


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Or if you don’t like boots, slides are also one of the best trending summer fashions as well. Many people find them comfortable since a simple slide on, and they are ready to go. The great part is that you can pair them slides with many different summer outfits as well which is super awesome. The trendy slides this year are Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and Fila. But other basic slides of your choice will also do the job as well.

2Wrap Skirts


The unique thing about wrap skirts is that they are absolutely convenient to wear. They compliment most girls’ body types, and you can pair them with tees, sweaters, and even formal shirts. There is a variety of colors that you can find in wrap skirts, don’t hesitate to rock them if you are interested!

1Ruffle Shirts

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The design of ruffle shirts might seem not fascinating to most people, but it actually looks nice. The ruffle looks on the sleeves or along the button lines make the shirts look uniquely beautiful. This type of shirt makes greats stylish outfit for work, and they make a great match with either pants or skirts.


Apart from the stylish clothes and accessories, color also plays a great part in the 2018 fashion trend as well. Pastel colors are the hotspot-colors that are designed in clothes this year. Lavender and light purple are the trendy colors in fashion designed by many stylists. Imagine macarons, those are the colors in clothes this year. If you want to stay up-to-date on the 2018 fashion trend, grab some lavender outfits in your wardrobe now!


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