Travel Tips Part II: Things To Know When Traveling To Different Countries

Travel tips

When people say No Place Is Like Home, it is somehow correct. Travel tips part two here will let you know what to avoid doing when you plan to travel to other countries.

Travel tips
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Different places, different ways of living, and that means you might want to change some habits while traveling. That involves health, food, and more. Be a little extra careful, and you will have an awesome trip!

1. First Aid Kit

First aid kit is a very necessary thing you have to have with you all the time. It takes up very small space yet helps you to a lot in case of emergency. Bring the kit that matches with your health conditions. If you suffer from allergies, consult the doctor and bring the pills that you know you might need. To make things more convenient, do a little research to find possible health risks of your destination. That helps even better.

2. Hand Wash

Never forget to wash your hands before and after eating. And when you travel, always remember to bring a few high quality hand sanitizers with you. Clean hands lead to healthy and safe trips.

3. Health Insurance

If you plan on doing long term traveling or a world tour adventure, never forget health insurance. Getting health insurance is very important because we never know what will come to use when we travel. That includes accident, diseases, and other injuries that you should need insurance. However, make sure to read the details before buying the insurance to see if the insurance covers the overall expenses.

4. Injections

This is a great thing to be asked to to have an injection to avoid certain disease before traveling. You shouldn’t refuse that, and you have to make sure you get it. No matter how healthy and strong you are, it is still better to protect yourself. There are other parts in the world that is infected by malaria and other health risks. So if you are required or asked to do the injection, consult your doctor and arrange the day.

5. Shoes

There are 2 simple rules of wearing shoes: always wear them and take them off only when needed. Always wear your shoes when walking in muddy places, waterfall areas, etc. Remember to take your shoes of only when you visit sacred places in some countries to avoid offending their culture. Wearing shoes is to protect your feet from bacteria and other diseases. Simple and easy to follow.

6. Street Food

Oh, street food is awesome. It tastes great and it cost cheaper as well. Backpackers or some travelers might not be interested in having dinner in some fancy restaurants at all. However, there are things you have to consider when it comes to street food. If you visit a country where clean food and sanitation is not the priority, you might want to think twice. Ask yourself if you get food poisoned easily, and make sure you don’t eat too much street food. Or you can search or ask people with experience in the country for safe and clean street food.

7. Tap Water

In the U.S or Japan and some other countries, tap water is great source for hydration. But that doesn’t mean every country you travel to has safe tap water that you can drink. That is why my friend, you always have to have a bottle of water with you no matter where you go.


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