Travel Tips: Things To Avoid Doing In Some Countries

travel tips

Travel is fun and all, but that could be a disaster if you do the wrong things in the wrong places. So I bring some travel tips that you should know before you pack your bags to these places. It is better to avoid offending somebody with confusing acts, isn’t it? You can also learn new things to get yourself out of culture shock zone as well. Spend some minutes to read them, and have fun in your next trips

#Don’t use okay gesture in Turkey

It means ‘okay’ to most culture, but in Turkey that means you accuse someone of being homosexual. And yes, it is very bad and offensive.

#Don’t leave tips in Japan

Leaving tips in Japan equals to degrading the service or the waiters themselves. You can compliment their great work with a smile or words, but tips should not be in the list.

#Don’t talk or ask about money in France

By money, I refer to the income, the expense, and even the price of something. Some people said talking about money is more taboo than talking about sex in France, and that is true! French people don’t like discussing about money at all, even those who work in the bank. Let’s just say money is not a good topic to talk about in France.

#Don’t forget to leave tips in the US

One of the best ways to rate the service of a restaurant, waiter, and other places in the US is by leaving tips. If you like what they serve you, the best amount of tip is 25% of your bill. And if you don’t like the service, you can choose to either leave a very low tip or don’t tip at all.

#Don’t ask how much people earn in the UK

It is personal, and you shouldn’t ask anyone anywhere in the world about their income especially if you’re not closed.

#Don’t ask about going to church in Norway

Don’t ask how often do they go to church or what church do they go because most of them attend none. Asking Norwegians such questions is rude and make them feel uncomfortable, and most important weird.

#Don’t congratulate on birthday before the actual day in Germany

Germans don’t celebrate any occasions before or on the exact date at all. They celebrate the events right after the date. If you congratulate someone on their birthday, that means the person will surely survive till their birthday. And that not what Germans want. Germans have the habit of not believing in something until it happened, so it is best to wish them one day after the birthday. Any surprise cakes or gifts are perfect that one day after.

#Don’t give clock and umbrella as a gift in China

Those are symbols of death, giving such things as gift to Chinese people is like wishing them dead. Yup, clocks die and stuffs.

#Don’t touch people of different sex in public in India

India and many other countries in Asia, that is one big harassment that you should never do especially men. Don’t touch women, and you also should keep your distance as well.

#Don’t give flowers in even numbers in Ukraine

When it comes to flowers, even flowers and yellow flowers are what you should avoid giving to people in Ukraine. Those are for funerals, and the florist will let you know if you pick even numbers for the flowers. The person you give the flowers to might not count it, but still it is not the right thing to give.

#Don’t smile at strangers in Russia

In Russia, smiling at strangers is the intimate gesture that you should avoid doing. If you don’t know them, don’t smile at them no matter how friendly you are.

#Don’t use left hand in India

Left hand is known as dirty hand in India. You shall never use left hand to greet, exchange money, or pick up merchandise ever.

#Don’t finish everything on your plate in China

Doing so means that the host does not provide you enough food to eat. If you want to express the great taste of the food, you can either burp or slurp the food loudly. Oh yes, they would be happy to see you do that.

#Don’t honk in Norway

If not necessary, you should avoid honking because that is for emergency at most time.

#Don’t forget to say hello in France

‘Bonjour madame or monsieur’ should be your first greeting when you meet people in France. That is the great way to show your friendliness to people there.

#Don’t talk with your hands in your pockets in Germany

Because it is considered as rude, and you should always put your hands on the table while you eat as well. Putting your hands on the lap is also rude in Germany.

#Don’t take pictures of any airports, train stations, police buildings or persons in uniform.

You will get punished if you do such things in Turkey, Tunisia, and some other countries in Middle East.

#Don’t ever sit or stand on Buddha statue at any cost in Asia

For Asians or Buddhists, doing so is a huge insult to their religion. It is considered as rude, and you should never do this even just for a photo shoot.

#Don’t kiss on the street in Korea

This is considered as a very strong taboo is Korea’s culture, both North and South.

#Don’t buy fake brand-ware in France

If you do so, you might be fined or worse, put in 3 years of imprisonment.


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