5 Touching Short Animation Videos That Might Make You Cry

short animation

Have you ever watched good short animation videos to the point that you can relate? There are many relatable animation videos that can cut onions right in front of your eyes. So what are those best short animation videos that we bring you today?

There will be 5 of the best that you can watch, some are about friendship while the others are about relationship and family. These short animation movies are so touching you can’t help crying. If you don’t think so, let’s do it. Watch each of them with your heart and attention, at least one will make your cry.

1A Mommy’s Sacrifice

There is no sacrifice is too big for a mother’s love.


A father’s love is bigger than you think…

3Changing Batteries

Enjoy every second of your life, you don’t know when your battery will run out.


Only people who have been in distance relationship would understand the struggle.


They are so cute you will cry.


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