The Wrong Career Path: Four Keys To Identify It


Have you ever been in a workplace that makes you hate your profession? This is much more common than you might think. Bad workplaces can be quite unpleasant for anyone, yet many people still don’t know how to identify when they are on the wrong career path. There are many ways to recognize these places, but here we will name the four main ones:

1Work Overload

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In times of coronavirus, companies that have been able to stay active have been pretty tough on employees. This issue has gone public during the pandemic, yet overwork is constant in America. When your boss demands overtime or perform tasks that do not correspond to your position, you must analyze if you are in the right place.

According to Eagle Hill Consulting, at least 58 percent of Americans reported burnout during work hours. Given the lack of workforce, many companies have decided to push their active workers nonstop. What are the conditions that determine “excessive work”? Get to know them now:

  • Performing tasks that do not correspond to your position
  • Being forced to work longer hours
  • Receiving less pay despite working longer hours
  • Ignoring your resting hours
  • Delaying payments

Are you living any of these situations? It may be time to find another company to work for; you can also talk with your boss about what is happening and reach an agreement.

2There Are No Great Objectives As A Company

One of the most demotivating things for professional workers is being in a boring workplace with no optimistic goals or growth plans. Although it may not seem like it, this type of job can be very harmful to anyone: one of the main disadvantages is the inability to improve since the company does not seek better working conditions. Besides, employees are often pigeonholed and pessimistic.

Many believe that physical jobs tend to offer better wages and opportunities for everyone; however, it is interesting to look at the quality of wages and benefits that professionals can obtain working independently. Never let a monotonous job ruin the dreams you had as a college student.

3They Underestimate Your Academic Level

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It is common for bosses to have less regard for employees who do not come from prestigious universities. This is just a stigma. Education does not depend on how good your university is but on your effort to be an efficient professional.

One of the best paying jobs in the United States is those related to technological development. According to Money US News, those who work as web, app, or software developers can boast salaries of approximately $135,000 a year. The most exciting thing is that these workers’ practical and learning level is similar both for those who come from a university and those who studied in online courses and bootcamps.

Institutions like Codesmith in California and New York prepare many students in the area of ​​software engineering, which is essential for America’s job growth in ​​technology. For that reason, if your boss offers you low pay or downplays your knowledge, you are in the wrong place!

4Toxic Environment

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There is no greater sign to leave your current company than a toxic workplace. In this place, there is a combination of many problems. The worst part of these situations is that, sometimes, your salary and your position within the company can be excellent. However, when you are in a toxic environment, it isn’t easy to indulge in your passions.

These are the points that determine if your workplace is toxic:

  • Your teammates compete against each other
  • They sabotage your tasks
  • You teammates steal your money, food, or belongings
  • They talk about you behind your back
  • Your colleagues or bosses get into your personal life
  • There are conflicts every day
  • You suffer constant harassment
  • You suffer verbal or physical violence

If you identify one or more of these characteristics in your job, it may be the perfect time to start creating a new resume and leave your job. Remember that your physical and mental stability is the most important. Never lose the motivation of your dream job because of a lousy work environment.


A bad job is not synonymous with having wasted five years in college. If you know that your passion is a specific area, you should not let a job reduce your potential. Quitting jobs that are bad for you is a brave move. In the future, you will appreciate it every day.