The Atom: Tranquil Working Space In Phnom Penh With A City View


As a writer, I always look for a quiet coffee shop where I can peacefully focus on my work. The Atom ticks all the boxes when it comes to a place with a relaxing atmosphere; with some amazing twists. You know what, I always hate it when some coffee shops do not look like what they portrait on social media. But with this one, things actually are even better while what they show on social media are already great. It would be a compunction for not sharing my experience at The Atom with everyone. Plus with the fact that I got so many story replies asking about the place, here’s what you need to know.

1What Is The Atom?

The Library

The Atom is like a normal coffee shop but with more sophistication and standards that some of you will love. One of the things that I really like about it is the spacious area with neat decoration suitable for everyone. On top of that, there are also built-in charging sockets so that you won’t have to worry about dead batteries. There are 3 main working spaces that you can choose from, and each of which delivers a different environment. Those include:

The Library: Located in the middle, this was where I chose to work because I wanted a quiet corner. In The Library, there are different seat arrangements so that there is something for everyone. From the high tables to the sofas next to the window with the city vista, this space has them all. I picked the sofa next to the large window where I could see the view while working. Even when I was doing interpretation at the time, there was no disturbance at all. That was the part that I loved the most because I did not have to worry about any interruption. I used to book a whole meeting room to myself and there were still noises from the outside. But in here, things are absolutely satisfying.

The Atom
The Lobby

The Lobby: Once you walk in, the right room is known as The Lobby. In case you want to sit and relax with the accompany from the music, choose this part. The special thing about this area is that there are comfortable seats with tables where you can enjoy your space. These seats are next to the window, and the cityscape is all yours. At the same time, there are also different seat types for groups in case you come with friends. I really like the fact that each seat has a good distance between one another. This does not only follow the rules during the pandemic but also ensures that people’s conversations don’t disturb each other.

The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room: On the far left of The Atom are 3 meeting rooms that you can book. The smallest meeting room is for 8 people while the largest ones are for 20+ people. Surprisingly, I met a former professor from university who rents one of the meeting rooms as his office. You can also do that, and the price is actually acceptable. My favorite part about the meeting rooms is definitely the comfortable seats and tables. You can sit there as long as you have to, and you won’t have to worry a thing about backache. Not to mention the modern design and stunning sights outside, the meeting rooms in The Atom are definitely better.

2Where Is The Atom?

The Atom is located on the 6th floor, or what they called Level 6 of Vattanac Capital. If you haven’t been there before, you will go through a few things before getting to your relaxing working space. You can ask the information desk about what to do like I did or you can follow my suggestions. Once you enter the building, there is an escalator on the right side. Take that escalator, walk straight until you saw another information desk. Tell them you want to go to The Atom, and someone will take you there. Because you need the card to access the elevator, you cannot go straight up there the first time. Everything could take more than 5 minutes, but it is totally worth it.

3Is The Atom Expensive?

Personally, it is not expensive there given the services that they provide their customers. In fact, paying $15 for the whole day with a free drink and a croissant is a great deal. Just like other coffee shops, there is a menu consists of coffee and TWG tea options that you can choose from. Plus with the free delicious pastry that they offer, it is an experience worth trying. Then you get to sit comfortably while being able to concentrate on your work along with a city view. No matter if you want to give yourself a different mood or work, The Atom is right for them all.

The price is $15 a day, but you can also purchase the monthly membership at a better price. And guess what, you will get 30% off for the signup now. So if The Atom matches your needs, you can get a tour there and see if it is right for you.

Final Thoughts

I don’t normally write long reviews about coffee shops, but I definitely have to let you know about this place. The pandemic situation is not getting any better, and I cannot travel like I used to. So at least I can enjoy a totally different atmosphere in somewhere safe like The Atom. A nice place with high-speed WiFi is what I look for, and that is why I really adore it here. I highly recommend this place, but you have to go there to see if I am right.

P.S: I also love the service, the staffs are very helpful and polite, and they are always ready to assist with everything you need.

The Atom Facebook Page

Opening Hours: 8AM – 8PM (Mon – Sun)
Booking & Contact Number: 023 963 039