What Your Sleeping Positions Say About You: 11 Sleeping Positions

sleeping positions

Well, do you know that your sleeping positions can tell who you really are? The accuracy might not be 100% true, but at least you can relate to most of it. Each of us have very different ways of sleeping, some are so dominant while the others are the opposite.

sleeping positions
image: quikhealth

Maybe you should know what is your sleeping position called, and what it says about your personalities. Mine was 80% accurate, and I hope it is the same with yours too. So let’s take a look at these sleeping positions together and see if it is really correct.

1. The Baby: Strong But Sensitive

You know the baby sleeping position, right? Baby sleepers lie on their side with their knees pulled up to their chest. This type of person is sensitive while possessing a tough exterior. They are likely to be more reserved or introverted. There are a lot of women sleeping in this position compared to men.

2. The Freefaller: Playful But Anxious

Freefaller sleepers sleep in the position of lying on their stomach while also hugging pillow. They are extroverted and excitable as well a great laughter. The person also free-spirited, confident, and brash but bad at taking criticism.

3. The Half-Baby: Reliable

sleeping positions
image: cpapecia.blogspot.com

A slight different from the baby position since you don’t curl yourself up to a fetal position. The half-baby sleepers are so reliable and dependable. They make amazing friends, and they’re always there when you need them.

4. The Heron: Unpredictable

sleeping positions
image: Qwive

I am still wondering who would sleep like that 😀 but this sleeper is so unpredictable. Not to mention the rapid mood changes that they have. They also find it hard to make decisions as well. The good thing is they are so adventurous, but they also prefer quiet environments at the same time.

5. The Hugger: Relationship Lover

sleeping positions
image: Pinterest

If you drag your pillows to any position you sleep then you’re the hugger, which is also me. It might not be a sleeping position, but it clearly shows that you are a very sweet and adorable person. You value your relationship with family and friends very highly. The sweet thing about this person is, they put other people before themselves even it is a risk.

6. The Log: Easy-Going And Social

If you sleep on your side with your legs and both arms straight down, you’re in the log position. Most of log sleepers are social butterflies and even-tempered. This type of person can be very trusting, but at the same time very gullible. Log sleepers might suffer from minor back pain as well.

7. The Soldiers: Serious And Reserved

Soldier sleepers often lie on their back with both arms at their sides or on their chest. This type of sleeper tend to set very very high standards for both themselves and the others. Since they are serious, they are likely to be cool and quiet most of the time. Not much of a talker, and take things and organization very seriously.

8. The Starfish: Friendly And Loyal

This is a funny sleeping position, and that is why people who sleep like this are nice to be with. Starfish sleepers are absolutely awesome people to be friends with, they are loyal and helpful. They are great listeners as well, they are the first people you need to talk to when you’re down. Starfish sleepers tend to snore a lot in their sleep though.

9. The Stargazer: Absolutely Positive

sleeping positions
image: Naukri Nama

Sleeping as if there are beautiful stars to enjoy, person who sleeps like this is absolutely optimistic. They put friendship first, and they are the admirers of beauty, comfort, and freedom. But they can be greedy sometimes with unrealistic expectations.

10.The Thinker: Emotional Rollercoaster

sleeping positions
image: Qwive

If you sleep like this, then you’re a thinker just like the famous statue. Oh their emotions always go up and down. They are so tough yet very sensitive at the same time. They think a lot, and take problems very personal. That makes the person very emotional and always become hurt or upset.

11. The Yearner: Open Yet Cynical

And we have the sleepers who sleep on their sides with arms stretched out in front of them. This is the yearner or reacher, and they are open-minded, inviting, and think carefully and critically before making a decision. And once the decision is made, there will be no regret or no going back. They can be also cynical and suspicious, trust issues occur once the trust is broken.


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