Roses And The Meaning Of Each Color: How To Pick The Right Rose Color

Roses and the meaning

Flowers are a beautiful gift for ladies on many different occasions, and roses are among the best. Roses and the meaning of their colors are very important to consider before you give them to someone. That is because you have to send the right message through flowers to give the right expression to the person. From good friends to your beloved people, you should pick the right colors of roses. There are many different colors of roses, but I will bring just solid and the most popular ones. Check them out and see if any of them match your purposes.

1Red Roses: Love, Beauty, Respect

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Red roses are usually given to the ladies by their men to show how much he loves her. That is because red roses mean ‘I Love You’. Generally, 12 roses are the most given number because it refers to ‘You’re Mine’. Red roses also represent beauty, bravery, respect, romance, love, and cheering. That is why red roses are not just only for couples but also for parents. Red roses make the perfect gift on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, especially for flower lovers.

2White Roses: Purity, Innocence

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Apart from red, white roses also express their affection, but in a slightly different way. As we all know, white is the color of peace and honesty. Giving a bunch of white roses to a person shows how honest and faithful you are to that person. The same color also represents the attention and caring from the giver to the receiver as well. White roses are also an awesome gift for lovers because the color is unique and pure. And they are also great to give best friends or relatives as well on special occasions.

3Pink Roses: Appreciation, Grace, Happiness

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Now that is the very perfect gift for close and best friends. That is because pink roses indicate honor, forgiveness, admiration, and gratitude toward the person. As best friends, she might have been through a lot of good and bad things together with you. So pink roses make just the right choice to give to your best friends to show how amazing they are. No matter if it is graduation, birthday, or any day, pink roses are made for best friends.

4Yellow Roses: Joy, Friendship, Welcome Back

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Yellow roses express joy, memory, and friendship which means ‘We are friends, and I care about you’. It is a special color to give to someone both in their best and lowest times. When someone succeeds in something, yellow roses are the gift to celebrate the fun and joy. Before they move or when they are sick, yellow roses will let them know that the memories are always there. Giving someone yellow roses shows how much you care about that person and your friendship with them.

5Red Yellowish Roses: Falling In Love

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Mostly on Valentine’s Day, red yellowish roses are the color to give to the person you’re having a crush on. If you are looking for the best roses for your crush, this is the right color for you. Red yellowish roses mean you like that person more than friends, and you are falling for them. If the person knows the meaning of this color of roses, they will surely get your message.

6Orange Roses: Desire, Enthusiasm

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For orange roses, passion and excitement will be shown toward the person you offer them to. Getting orange roses for someone is like telling them that ‘I Want To Have You In My Life’. That shows how much you like and want that person to be with you.

7Blue Roses: The Impossible

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We all know that blue is the color of sadness, and so are blue roses. Between relationships, blue roses are given to those who can never be with you. That means if a man likes a woman and she can’t be with him, blue roses are the perfect final gift. Blue roses say ‘You Can’t Be Mine, But I Will Never Forget You’. People usually offer blue roses when they have to be apart or in a secret relationship that can never work.

8Black Roses: Death

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Except for black roses lovers like goth, black roses actually refer to the end of the relationship. It is so obvious to offer a bunch of black roses to someone as a breakup gift. However, if the person does not feel for their partner anymore, black roses will be given. It is like ‘You’re Dead To Me’, there is nothing between us anymore. Harsh and bold.

Black Roses also represents the loss of a friend or family member as well. At the funeral, you often see people offer different types of flowers. But black roses express dark and deep sorrow to the person who passed away. They indicate the pain and mourning of the dead person during the event. Apart from that, black roses are not given since it might send the wrong message to the receivers.


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