10 Poor Male Animals That Die After Mating

animals that die after mating
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Sex is fun and all, but not for every living organism on our planet earth. That is why some animals that die after mating are poor creatures in sex life. These male animals either die right after mating or during mating which is sad and interesting to learn at the same time. Since most animals that die after mating are male, we can see that they sacrifice so much for love. Not to mention that some are eaten by their own partner, so cruel just to get laid once. Below we have 10 poor male animals that die after mating, and guess what; there might be a part II for you.


If 15 minutes is the longest you can last, you are nowhere to compete with male Antechinus. This type of animal spends from one up to three weeks just to mate, and die after that obviously. So basically, the males born, grow up, get laid once, and die. The worst thing is the male die in a horrible way. They lose their fur, and some can develop ulcerations and gangrene as well.

2Australian Redback Spider

How does sexual suicide sound to you? Male Australian Redback Spiders are devoured by their sex partner. That means the male Australian Redback Spider can mate only once in their life. The cool thing is that these males have updated their mating tactic to survive longer: by mating only with females who are too young to eat them. The sperm can be stored inside the female’s body for up to two years.

If unluckily enough and get eaten, the males do it with style. Some male redbacks had evolved to “somersault” during copulation by twisting their abdomens onto the fangs of their mates. That is known as the strategy of self-sacrifice which if they were eaten, they are able to increase their chances of paternity.

3Boulanger Island Dibbler

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Here we have more male animals that die after mating; their first time getting laid. Known as dibblers, they live on the island and feed on insects. The thing is that their habitat has poor quality food sources which also limits their life span as well. If those who survive till and through the mating season, are considered lucky. Eventually, Boulanger Island Dibbler die shortly after breeding.

4Brazilian Slender Opossum

The sad thing is that no Brazillian Slender Opossum ever lives through more than one mating season. After mating, the symptoms will occur including fur loss in the rump and parasite infestation. That is because of the weakening of the immune system, and the male always dies off shortly after mating. As for the female, they die shortly after giving birth; so none of the parents live to see their offsprings grow up.

5Dark Fishing Spider

Do you feel something crawling on your skin with the look at this picture? Just pulling your legs, here we have a very sad creature that dies instantly after sex. The unique thing is the female spider does not bite the male’s head, and he does not get sick, he just gets to die. So during the mating process, there is an irreversible rise in blood pressure which results in the death of natural cause. The female then eats the male after for reproductive benefits, well at least the males don’t die for nothing.

6Furcifer Labordi Chameleons

This type of chameleon spends almost its whole life inside the egg. Once it hatches, it has to go through brutal mating conditions that none of us would have expected. The thing is that there are many ways they will kill each other during sex. Some try to kill each other while trying to mate, and the others face hormone overdoses due to high levels of aggression which kills them.

Eventually, both the males and females will both die after successfully mating and laying eggs. They simply drop themselves from the trees before even seeing the faces of their children.


The weird yet interesting thing about sex life of the octopus is that the male use his modified arm which is one of his tentacles as a penis. Later, he insert the arm into her oviduct to produce the offsprings; or even better, give it to her. The warmth of the female body keeps the sperm alive so that she can use it to fertilize her eggs when the time comes.

After mating, the male will live for a couple of months before he dies. Sometimes the female also eats the male to keep her alive because she will stay put to guard her eggs till they hatch. The female octopuses don’t eat during the last month before they lay eggs, and she always finds a safe spot to hide the eggs.

The result from not eating to protect the eggs with numbers up to 200,000 allows her to live long enough till the eggs hatch. So at the end of the day, both the males and females die after mating and having the babies.


You might have heard of animals who mate themselves to death before, and Phascogale is an example of male animals that die after mating. Being the largest known mammal to kick the bucket after sex, Phascogale is one poor animal in sex life. A dominant female will choose a male, and he will spend so much energy trying to impress the female it fries his own immune system.

The males die of stress, and sometimes they fall prey to prey and eaten by owls, foxes, and cats. At the end of the day, male Phascogale is bound to die after their first and only breeding season.

9Praying Mantis

We all know that the male praying mantis has a very sad love story, a sad mating story specifically. Normally, the male praying mantis is smaller than the female; and that brings extra opportunity and ease for the female to eat. The first part to bite is the head, either after mating or during fertilization. So cold, right?

Some research has shown that the male appears to thrust more vigorously, but they tend to be calmer after they lose the heads. By eating the male, the newly-widowed she-mantis ensures that her man is still providing for their offsprings despite his death.

10Trans Volcanic Bunchgrass

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That is what we called gender equality because the male and female are destined to die after successfully mating. By mating, I mean only once. They live long enough to mate once, and the females have two months or so to live while the male can linger longer. But at the end of the day, both of them will die after mating, once.


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