Packing Tips: What Should You Know About Packing On A Flight

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First flight seems to be difficult which leads to a lot of research before the actual flight begins. You might need some packing tips as well to avoid being searched by the security at the airport. There are things that you should know when it comes to packing. Generally, you will bring your luggage and your carry-on. You will have to pack certain things in each baggage, and there are also certain items that are not allowed on flight. Once you know everything about packing, you won’t have to worry about the beep sound from the machine anymore. Let’s get into it.


packing tips
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We begin with the carry-on since there will be the items that stay with you on flight. Carry-On is usually the backpack or bag that you bring with on the plane. In that carry-on, you should bring some important and personal stuffs for security when in need. Those includes:


Laptop is like one of the most important things we have with us no matter where we go. And that is why you should bring your laptop in the backpack with you. The purposes are simple: to avoid the laptop getting damaged or stolen. You might have seen the videos. People simply throw your luggage from place to place, you can’t trust seeing your laptop unharmed after flight. Or even worse, you won’t get to see your laptop ever again. We don’t know who might steal it, but that occurs a lot so don’t have it in your luggage.

Personal Documents

Along with important travel documents like passports, paper work, and other documents that prove your identity. You should have these things with you, in case something happened you still can go to the local authority. It is necessary to have such documents in the bag that stays with you all the time.

Cards and Money

Master card, visa card, identity card, and other cards along with cash are the things you should pack with you. Don’t give bad people the opportunity to use or steal those important things from you at the airport.

Valuable Items

These includes jewelries, mobile phones, and other expensive items you have. Also, if it is just a vacation or short trip, try to bring too many valuable things along with you.

Some of Your Clothes

There have been cases of stolen luggage, so you might need some clothes in your carry-on. We never know what will happen, it is always good to be prepared. Throw a few set of clothes that you can fit in the carry-on, it won’t take much space. Use a backpack as a carry-on would be a great choice as well since you can store more items.


packing tips
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We usually pack our clothes and some heavy objects in the luggage since we can’t put them in carry-on. However, you have to know that there are a lot of lost belongings at the airport more than you expected. Stuffs got stolen all the time, so here are some things that you shouldn’t pack in your luggage.


Electronic items like gears or gadgets shouldn’t be packed in the luggage. Electronics are somehow expensive and demands caring, putting them in the luggage would be a risk. Your camera also shouldn’t be in the luggage, and you know why.


Here is why: number 1, you shouldn’t separate chargers from the phones or laptops. In some airports, you have to make sure that the batteries are not dead. Therefore, they won’t let you on board. Number 2, in case your luggage is stolen you know you still have access to your mobile phones or laptops. I mention the stolen luggage a lot because it is the common things to be cautious about.

Things That You Can’t Bring On An Airplane

Even if you move, you can’t bring everything on the plane with you. There are also things that you cannot bring on the plane as well, especially things that can be used as weapons. You can only take necessary items on board, things are very strict there at the airport. So the items that you cannot pack with you on flight are:

Sharp Objects

That includes knives, credit card knives (new invention), scissors, forks, and other sharp objects above 4 inches.

Flammable Items

From lighters to flares and other spray, you can’t pack any of those things with you.

Liquid Items

As long as they are above 85 ml, you can’t bring any liquid items with you. Not just water, but also cream, foundation, and makeup accessories to cut things short. And if you bring the liquid items under 85 ml with you, you have to keep them in clear bag.



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