10 Large Dog Breeds That You Probably Want To Have

Large Dog Breeds

People have different preferences when it comes to the size of their pets. Some like large dog breeds while the others are more into smaller dog breeds because they are cuter. Today, we are going to introduce you to 10 of large dog breeds that large dog breed lovers will surely love. And of course, many of these dogs make great companions to have at home as well. In case you are looking for the biggest dog breeds, this is the right place for you. Let us know which one you think is the most attractive dog breeds that you like the most.

1Dogue de Bordeaux

image: hund.ch

Weight: 54 – 56 kg

Height: 60 – 67 cm

Here you are looking at a large French Mastiff that is one of the most ancient French dog breeds. By the size and the muscular body, you can already tell that it is a very powerful dog. The breed has been put to work in many different capacities from pulling carts and hauling heavy objects to guarding flocks.

Despite the ferocious appearance, Dorgue de Bordeaux is actually quiet, calm, and relaxed. Well, until provoked. Another great thing is that they are very friendly since they love sitting on your lap and use their enormous tongue swiping across your face. Also, most of the time they are not aggressive. This breed does not start the fights, but they will surely finish them.

One more thing that you need to know, Dorgue de Bordeaux is not an apartment dog. To maintain their muscular body and to stay fit, they require space and moderate daily exercise. At the same time, they also need personal interaction as well. If you are a busy businessperson, this is probably not the breed for you.

2English Mastiff

Weight : 70 – 100 kg

Height: 70 – 91 cm

Here we have an enormous breed that holds the record of being the heaviest dogs that can weight as much as 250 pounds. Back then, the purpose of this breed was to participate them in blood sports like baiting bears, bulls, and lions. Now, they are excellent family dogs since they are super easy-going and great with children.

These gentle giants are courageous and fearless, and they are absolutely loyal and loving to their owners and family. If you are looking for a friendly guard dog, English Mastiff is the breed for you. This one tends to manifest themselves when there are visitors because they tend to be suspicious of strangers.

3Great Dane

image: Puppy Toob

Weight: 54 – 90 kg

Height: 76 – 86 cm

Known worldwide as the largest as well as one of the tallest dog breeds in the world, Great Dane is super awesome. It is a breed of German origin, and Great Dane is very popular for family of tall people. Despite the height and size, Great Dane is actually a very joyful and fun species to hang out with. On top of that, this incredible species is also an alert home guardians as well.

Intruders would totally think twice seeing the size of the dog, don’t you think? Yet inside, Great Danes are soft and super friendly which is absolutely one of the best dog breeds to have. The only sad thing is that Great Dane trades their size with the longevity, they live only between 6 to 8 years.

4Irish Wolfhound

image: Bored Panda

Weight: 54 – 56 kg

Height: 81 cm

Original bred to be a courser, Irish Wolfhound was used to chase down wolves as well as guarding and hunting. As for now, they are the dogs described by most owners as sweet-tempered friends at home. This breed is intelligent and independent, and they are also very friendly. Plus, they are very active, and they require daily exercise of at least sixty minutes every day. Irish Wolfhound stands as tall as 35 inches, and their size is equal to a donkey at some point. Large and friendly, Irish Wolfhound is one of the large dog breeds that many people over.


Weight: 48 – 75 kg

Height: 72 – 80 cm

When you crossbreed two large dog breeds together, you will get another large dog breed. That is how Leonberger was bred, from Newfoundland and Saint Bernard which are two of the largest dog breeds. It took Heinrich Essig of Leonberg 4 generations to finally get such great result of this breed.

Leonberger is the giant family dog breed that make great companion to have in the house. With great talent, they can do a lot of things from water rescue to tracking and herding. For those who prefer dogs that are strong, smart, and friendly, they know that Leonberger is an ideal dog breed to have.

6Neapolitan Mastiff

image: Pinterest

Weight: 60 – 70 kg

Height: 63 – 77 kg

Mastiff has always been among the largest dogs breeds in the world, and this one is the largest of them all. Originated from Italy, Neapolitan Mastiff was used as a guard dog due to its fierce and muscular appearance. The one famous reputation about this breed is that they are fearless and protective of home and family. That is not a doubt why they are ideal guard dogs to have at home.

As for personalities, mastiffs tend to be quiet and docile by nature. However, they prefer sneaking up on intruders rather barking to warn them off when it comes to home invasion. Neapolitan Mastiffs are not aggressive, but hey are a totally loyal defender of their people and property.


image: Alicja

Weight: 60 – 70 kg

Height: 69 – 74 cm

The name of the dog simply tells where it comes from, Newfoundland. The thing that differentiates this species from the others in the list is that it was not bred to be a guard dog. The original purpose was to help fishermen because this muscular dogs are able to haul nets and lines from boats. Not to mention they can fetch anything that falls overboard including people, this breed is extraordinary. In case you are wondering, yes they are an exceptional water dog breed and strong swimmers.

The size of the dog is already big, and their thick double coat makes them look even bigger. The coat plays an important part in keeping them warm in both cold weather and icy water. This gentle giant is friendly, loving, and intelligent. Plus, they are great with cats which explains how nice they are. Maybe that is the drawback because they are also nice with strangers. Not a guard dog type, but they are great to have at home.

8Saint Bernard

image: thedailybeast.com

Weight: 64 – 120 kg

Height: 70 – 90 kg

This is the breed that we might have seen many times already in cartoons and animations as guard dog. In real life, that is also true because they are used as rescue dogs to find and save travelers. They are able to clear paths in the deep snow and for human rescue operations in the very snowy and dangerous areas. This breed has saved hundreds or even thousands of lives, especially of soldiers’.

Nowadays, Saint Bernards are great family dogs since this breed is gentle, loving, and friendly. On top of that, they are super great with children and even kittens which is a total plus. If you have different types of pets and still want to look for a dog, Saint Bernard is the perfect option. This large dog breed is super cute and fluffy, definitely one of the most awesome dogs to have.

9Scottish Deerhound

Weight: 39 – 50 kg

Height: 75 – 85 cm

If you love dogs that are large and fast, this is just the species for you. Scottish Deerhound has leggy legs and lanky body which allow them to run very fast. That is why the original purpose of this dog species was to hunt Scottish roe deer because this breed is incredibly fast. Just so you know, the deer was twice or more of the dog’s size. Nowadays, they are not used for hunting deer anymore.

When it comes to the personalities, Scottish Deerhound is gentle and extremely friendly as well as cheerful. Because of their long legs, this breed enjoy running and chasing which is absolutely perfect for enthusiastic owners. Because of their energy, their health condition does not go well with leash walking or small yard. If you have them all home, take them for long walks. Fun and joyful, great dog breed indeed.

10Tibetan Mastiff

Weight: 45 – 73 kg

Height: 66 – 76 cm

Nomads in China, Tibet, Nepal, and Centra Asia bred this breed with purpose to protect flocks. That means these dogs are able to fight off attacks by large predators like wolves and leopards. These impressive large dogs have long beautiful coats and tails that make them super adorable and fluffy. When it comes to their temperament, Tibetan Mastiffs are kind, patient, and loving dogs who are fearless and protective. They are better when you keep them indoor because they tend to bark and dig if left outside. Other than that, Tibetan Mastiffs are perfect dogs to have in the house.


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