The Itinerary Of My 4 Days Trip In Kuala Lumpur With Budget Breakdown


People always want to know about my itinerary and budget planning on each trip I took. So I am going into the detail of each places I went to along with the expense in this recent escape of mine. Below is my trip itinerary along with the cost allocation of my spendings. I wanted it to be a budget trip, but I ended up spending more than I planned. Still, I spent less than $300US including my round trip flight during those 4 days. So let’s find out together of what is in my itinerary with me, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Day 1 (Started 8:30PM)

1Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is a street full of various food, you won’t have to worry if there is nothing to eat there.

Our flight was delayed, so we arrived Kuala Lumpur quite later than planned. Plus with the long wait of checking in, my friends and I finally got to have our dinner at 9PM. We went to Jalan Alor, and simply stayed there till 11 before we went back to our place. After dinner, we walked around the area and we saw some street performances along the way. There are a lot of street performances at night in Kuala Lumpur, the entertainment is endless on the streets. The original plan in the itinerary was to go to Petronas Twin Towers after dinner, but the flight delay changed everything. We called it a day, and got some rest for our trip on the second day.

Day 2 (Started 8AM)

Behold, the salty yet quite tasty fried noodles 😀

We wanted to try local food, so we decided to walk around and eat whatever good we could find. We found this place that sells noodles and nasi lemak (some sort of rice and curry). Some of my friends did not enjoy the food much, it seemed to be a little too salty compared to Cambodian food. We also had some local milk tea there as well, tasted pretty nice. Just enough to keep us energized for our trip that morning.

2Batu Cave

Totally in love with those colorful steps, sorry if all you see is my back 😛

Batu Cave was our first destination in the itinerary, and we arrived there at half past 8 by Grab Taxi. We spent two hours at Batu Cave, and our activities included taking thousands of photos and climbing up the stairs. It was a warm day, so it was not too hot that morning. Also, it was not too crowded when we arrived because it was still a little early. So if you want to take photos with less crowd, you should get there by 7AM or 8AM. We left Batu Cave at half past eleven, and took a taxi to our next stop for lunch.

3Bukit Bintang

The crowd at night makes this place even more interesting to go, tons of malls and shops to visit.

After our lunch at McDonald’s, we explored the malls and shopping centers in Bukit Bintang. It was a rainy afternoon, but it got sunny right away after the rain; was not too happy about that. Bukit Bintang is a perfect place for shopping lovers. There are many malls with branding clothes that we can find like Uniqlo, H&M, and many more. If you want to shop for clothes and accessories, you need to add this shopping heaven to your trip itinerary.

4KLCC Park

It was a warm day, I really liked the atmosphere at KLCC Park on that day.

After about 30 minutes or so of walking from Bukit Bintang, we reached Aquaria KLCC. The aquarium was quite pricey, so we decided to skip it and proceed our journey to KLCC Park. We spent about an hour there, it was relaxing and peaceful. Good place to take tons of photos as well, going there during the daytime was definitely a great decision to make.

5Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC, right in front of the Petronas Twin Towers

This is one of the most famous shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, and there are a lot of things to see there. The last time I was here, I went to the mall for dinner but it was already a bit late so many shops were closed. This time, I got to see almost anything in this shopping center and it was super cool. Suria KLCC is just adjacent to the park, so you can get there in no time.

6Petronas Twin Towers

I personally think Petronas Twin Towers is more beautiful at night, but the beauty in the daytime is still amazing.

The moment you walked out of the mall, you will see the beauty of Petronas Twin Towers right before your eyes. Many tourists love to go there in the morning or afternoon because it is brighter for photo sessions. If your camera or photo taking skill is not so good, there are people there to help you out. There will be people who want to sell you fisheye lenses or offer to take great photos for you. All you need is paying a couple bucks, and you will be in awesome photo shoots in front of the towers.

7Lot 10

It was a rainy afternoon, and this photo was taken after the rain.

We were already tired so we went back to our hotel first before coming back for dinner at Lot 10. Just like I mentioned in the previous article, we had a nice dinner there. It was a long day, and we walked a lot so it was so nice to treat ourselves with some good Japanese food. The special part was that the dinner was before we went for the Independence Day countdown. So we headed back to the Petronas Twin Towers at around 9PM. An unexpected destination in the trip itinerary indeed, but it was so worth it.


We had been to many places on our second day, and everything went in accordance to plans. Things got even better because we went for the countdown to Malaysia’s Independence Day. It was one of the best moments that I’ve had during my travels, probably because I love fireworks. Each place I went to is not so far from each other, so we all could walk and enjoy the view easily. I had a great day although I slept at 4:30AM that night and had to get up at 8:30AM the next morning. Sleep is for the weak!

Day 3 (Started 9AM)

Fried rice and a glass of hot black tea, for 12 ringgit.

We were already drained on our third day, so we decided to have breakfast at our hotel. It was surprisingly good and cheap, definitely made a right decision on that. After breakfast, we took the taxi to our first destination which was the oldest Hindu Temple in Kuala Lumpur.

8Sri Mahamariamman

The entrance to Sri Mahamariamman Temple.

Our first visit was a quiet and tranquil place of Hinduism where people come to pray and worship their deities. I am sure that most people won’t find this place interesting because there is not much to see and do there. As for me, I liked the structure of the temple and I also wanted to see what they do in that temple. That is why I added this Sri Mahamariamman into my itinerary of Kuala Lumpur. The entrance is free, and they only charge like 20 cents for the shoes keeping, so why not?

9Guan Di Temple

I prayed here 😀

After leaving the Hindu Temple, this Chinese Temple was automatically our next stop since it is one minute away from each other. Considered a little Chinese myself, I went there to pray for some luck and happiness. Didn’t cost anything to do so, it was worth doing it actually. The difference between this Chinese Temple and the Hindu Temple was that there were more people here. There was not much to see besides praying, so we went on to our souvenir hunting.

10Petaling Street

This is just the beginning. The further you walk, the more things you see in Petaling Street.

You know you have entered the Petaling Street the moment you smell a combination of various food from different direction. The food was just the beginning, the longer you walk, the more souvenirs you will find. You cannot leave that out of your itinerary when you are in Kuala Lumpur. There are many cool things to see and buy in this so-called Chinatown. My friends and I found a great place to get our souvenir, and then we headed to another market.

11Central Market

I really like the decoration inside Central Market, very vintage and neat.

Central Market has more to offer when it comes to souvenirs and convenience in shopping. Some of my friends got their souvenirs made for their friends and family back home. It was super nice though a little expensive, but it was unique and beautiful. In case you get tired, you can also sit and relax at the coffee shops there as well. My favorite coffee shop is the little cafe at the corner with vintage decoration. It is quiet, and it feels nice to sit there and just to enjoy the moment. After two hours of shopping and relaxing, we were finally ready to our next stop.

12City Gallery

Some handmade crafts at the gallery, there are many more of that.

It was not a long walk from the Central Market to reach the City Gallery of Kuala Lumpur. Before we reached there, we also walked pass the big clock (I don’t know the place’s name) and Jamek Mosque. We stopped about 10 minutes or so in each place for photos, so walking was not so tiring. City Gallery was interesting because the place shows the history of KL there. After an hour of looking around and eating, we left the building and jump into our next place right away.

13Dataran Merdeka

I only captured the photos of Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The square itself is large and green, and the environment there is so relaxing.

Located just next to the City Gallery, Dataran Merdeka is an independence square where people celebrate Independence Parade. The area is so big, and it was so relaxing to walk as the wind was blowing and the sun was shining. It was a very nice place to go to at least once, and it is more ideal for group travelers. Taking group photos there is a must, Dataran Merdeka is one of the places in KL to remember.


Just like Day 2, we also walked a lot on our Day 3 in Kuala Lumpur. After Dataran Merdeka, we went back to our hotel and got some rest before coming for dinner. We decided to have dinner downstairs at our hotel again because we were too tired to walk. Called it a day, and it was pretty much the last day of our trip.


On Day 4, we packed and went to the airport by noon because our flight was at around 3PM. It was an amazing trip, and I will definitely come back to Malaysia again but in different destinations. As you can tell, I walked most of the time during my trip because I planned each place in my itinerary in nearby areas. That means we could walk from one area to another easily without having to take the taxi. That helped us to save on our expenses and time, and we got to explore the city better as well.


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Budget Breakdown For 4 Days

Food & Drinks: 86.9RMB (Around $22)
Taxi: 77.63RMB (Around $20)
Souvenirs: 115RMB (Around $29) (Well I know a lot of people, so.)
Others: 75RMB (Around $19)
Hotel: 280RMB for three nights (Around $70)
Flight: $107.25 (round trip)

Total: $267.25US


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