8 Interesting Newly Discovered Animal Species You Probably Don’t Know About

Animal Species

Despite the fact that many animals species have gone extinct, there are also newly discovered animals species as well. It is true that many species have gone from year to year, but there are also many more to discover. At least that is the good thing to know that there are new animals species found. Some of them are super adorable while the others are somehow scary to look at. If you want to find out more about some cool newly discovered animal species, totally check out the list below.

1Dracula Ant

image: The Sun

By the name, you might be able to tell already that this species feeds on blood. True indeed, Dracula Ants are one of the six new species of mysterious blood-sucking ants found in Madagascar. These terrifying ants suck the blood of their young in a process known as non-destructive cannibalism. With scary look and diet, this might be a bizarre discovery instead.

But that is not all, scientists have discovered more of Dracula Ant’s super ability earlier this year. The species of Dracula Ants can snap their jaws together so fast you could fit 5,000 strikes into the time it takes. According to NatGeo, these killers have the fastest bite on Earth. The ants press their jaws together so hard that they bend, which now they receive another nickname as Dracula Snapping Ants.

2Fearless Ant

image: Imgur

Ants are known for their commitment to protect and work for their colony, and this new species is nowhere different. This fearless ant is like a superhero for everyone is their colony for the fact that they are so brave. When senses an invading insect, it grabs the intruder and hurls itself off the highest peak of its colony that resembles a cliff. Once the invader is away from the colony entrance, our hero picks itself up and gets back to work.

3Moroccan Flic-Flac Spider

Many people are afraid of spiders, and this new discover can be both good and bad news. It is an agile arachnid that is remarkable for its unique defensive technique. At some point it is cute when the spider cartwheels itself out of danger when feel threatened. It is the only spider that is able to move by means of flic-flac jumps which involves using its legs to create a rolling motion.

Also known as gymnastic spiders, these spiders propel themselves off the ground before rolling away. No matter if it is uphill, downhill, or on level ground, this species can move long with ease when provoked. Not to mention they can somersault uphill, this species is totally one of a kind. These nocturnal spiders live in the sand desert of Erg Chebbi in southeastern Morocco.

4Ninja Lanternshark

This is definitely the species of shark that you have never heard or seen before. With black color along with white markings around its eyes and mouth, this ninja lanternshark is unique indeed. This species was found in eastern Pacific Ocean, and it is probably the nightmare of those who see it. Gladly we need to swim below 1,000 feet deep in the water to see this shark coming, so that’s all good news.

The cool thing about this species is that they have bioluminescent organs that glow a shining pale green thought their bodies. This kind of adaptation can be either a way to attract mates or to maintain group cohesion. Another possibility is to lure smaller invertebrates within snapping range of their mouth, easy meal indeed.

5Pelican Spider

image: smithsonianmag.com

Resembles a pelican, this new spider species is both scary and kinda cute at the same time. It features the illusion of a neck and beak that we all can clearly see from the picture here. Somehow confusing to look at, allow us to break down some details. Pelican spiders have long neck and beak-like pincers, and that gives the pelican-like appearance. As for the round thingy behind the neck and beak is indeed its body.

These spiders are stone cold killers, and they kill fast. With long neck, they can impale and grab their prey at a safe distance with ease. In case you wonder, the mouth of this spider is at the bottom of its neck. That is just perfect for feasting on whatever this arachnid manage to catch. Since they are active hunters, they prefer to stalk the trails of silk left behind by other spiders rather than spinning their own webs. Yes, they eat other spiders.

6Shape-Shifting Frog

image: Phys.org

With just the size of a marble, this new frog species is very special and unique. The amphibian was discovered deep in the rain forest of Ecuador, and it is born with cool ability. Known as Punk Rocker, this frog is the first amphibian that is able to change its skin texture. The shape-shifting frog has super awesome ability to go from smooth skin to a spiky skin in just a couple of minutes.

7Slender-Snouted Crocodile

This is a new type of crocodile that has just been discovered in central Africa all the way from Cameroon to Tanzania. The thing that you can differentiate them from the others is the slender and smoother snout along with softer scales. Plus, they also have different skull which makes them different other crocodile species. There are only 500 of them in the area, and that makes this new species critically endangered.

8Strix Hadorami

image: Sci-News.com

This is the newly discovered owl species that is also known as the desert tawny owl. You can find them in desert, semi-desert, rocky ravines, and palm groves in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This owl species is nocturnal, and it feeds on voles, mice, and large insects. Speaking of nocturnal, these owls are rarely seen during the day unless disturbed so you need to venture at night to see them.

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