How to Make Your Child Know Animals?


Education of a child starts even before it goes to the school. The first thing they learn is the word Mother and then Father or similar words. At home, the parents also teach A for Apple and B for Ball etc. They also teach them the names of the vegetables, animals, colors etc. It is very important to teach them from a very early age. One mistake which many parents make is that they do not point out the mistakes of the child and overlook them thinking that the child is immature and it is natural to do or behave this way. If only they point out their mistakes from their infancy, they will grow up to become good people. It is rightly said that Mother Nature is the best teacher in the world. We get to learn so much from her, studying animals and their characteristics also develop us. They make us strong from within, positive attitude and fighting back spirit and helping nature.

1Playful Way of Studying

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When the child is small, it gets boring sitting with the book. An unconventional way of teaching is the best way at this stage. While walking on the streets if you see a cow then point it out to the child and tell that it is a cow. Make her say right at that moment. You have to be very patient with the child because it takes time. If not the first or second time, you will definitely succeed the third time.

A cow, dog, sheep, goat, the pig is a common animal and easy to pronounce so your child should know them at least. To make them learn the other names they should be taught from the animals shown in the television like a lion, tiger, elephant etc. Parents play a very important role in the early development of the child. They can also buy some charts with the animal name and picture which is readily available in the book stores and mount them on the wall. Make them follow the chart and say the names.

2Way to Zoo

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Zoo has many animals and children are their most important customers. Take your child to the zoo and teach them to be patient and maintain the queue for the tickets. They will be amazed by seeing the animals in real life which they have been seeing on the television or in the chats. Make them learn that they should not touch the animals and let them be in peace in their cage. No throwing of food if it is prohibited. Following the rules and regulations is a big lesson for the children. Such visits will also make them kind and gentle.

3Connection with the Pet

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If you have a pet animal at home that is a cat, dog, rabbit, etc. then let the child stay with it. Make them change the drinking water in the bowl and ask him to give it the food, medicine, brush its fur and take it for a bath. When you are taking your pet for a walk, do take your child along with you. These things will make your child a responsible person. A connection between the two will grow and it will also make them a kind person.

4Scrap Books and Safari Animals Toy Sets

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Buy an animal-themed scrapbook and make your child fill up the pages of the scrapbook of each page dedicated to an animal. This will help you to understand what knowledge your child is gaining from the efforts you made to teach him. It has filled in the blanks asking for the cry of the animal, countries where they are mostly found, characteristics etc. You can also buy your child a safari animals toy sets. Your child will be engrossed in playing with it and will develop an interest in knowing about those animals.

5Who am I?

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Who am I? Is it a very old game for the children? Every child must have played this game in school or at home. You can give a physical description of an animal, act like one or make its cry. Make your child guess the animal from the act. This helps in the retention process of the child. Anything done practically helps children to remember.

6The Reel and Musical Life of the Animals

Video or motion pictures are the best way to grow interests in the child. There are lots of movies with animals like the Ice Age, Lion King, Mowgli, Kung Fu Panda, and Finding Nemo etc. If they like the characters then they will sure remember the names and might further study the animal. There are also many songs like Let’s Go to the Zoo, the owl song, Elly the Elephant etc. Sing them in front of your child and make them memorize the song. Then they will grow up to understand words properly and you can show them Animal Planet and the animal-related shows at Discovery and National Geography. This will increase their knowledge at one point in time, you will see that they even know more than you. This will be the moment of your happiness.

7Creative Food Designs

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At an early stage, the child gets attracted to colorful things. If you can make their food colorful and design them like animals then they will be attracted to animals. You can make a dog’s face with bread, vegetables, and cheese, sheep with broccoli etc. A little effort to make creative tiffin for your child will bring him an extra bit of happiness.

8Learn from Books


A reading habit is the best habit a person can have. You can buy some animal books for your child to grow the interest in knowing the animals. This has two benefits; one is the growth of reading habits, and second is knowing about the animals in detail. There are some children’s encyclopedias where the colorful picture of the animals along with something about them is written. This helps the child to learn more.

9Color Your Animals


If your children loves drawing then buy an animal-themed drawing book for them. The child will color the sketches or draw seeing the sketch as well as join the dots which will make an animal figure then color it. Such a drawing workbook helps the child to gain knowledge or ignite the interest among the children.

Children generally love animals. To induce the interest in them more with the proper strategy it can be easily achieved. An animal lover is generally a kind, responsible, and humble person, your child might grow into one too of which you will be proud of.