Homosexual in Animals: 6 Gay Mammals In Animal Kingdom

Gay Mammals

Love has no boundaries, and that is why homosexuality exists not only with us humans but also animals. Not many of us know or even think that gay mammals exist. Also, not many of us expect that homosexuality could happen amongst animals, and that is why we are here. Lately, scientific research has shown a lot of cases regarding homosexual in animals which is both a surprise and shock. From large predators to small insect, homosexual behavior is shown at some point. However, we want to focus only on gay mammals today, and we will discuss the other species later. To solve your curiosity in gay animals, check out the list that we provide below.

1American Bison

Looking all fierce and massive, American bisons are indeed one of the gay mammals on earth. From courtship to mounting and full anal penetration, these homosexual behavior are very common among American bisons. During mating season, male bisons are known to have sex with other males multiple times per day. The male-male homosexuality among America bisons actually outnumbers the male-female copulation which somehow affects the increase of their population at some point.


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There are two species of male elephants that engage in same-sex bonding and mounting which include African and Asian elephant. They usually express their affection by kissing, trunk intertwining, and placing trunks in each other’s mouths. You may think their relationship is just a fling, but no, relationships between male elephants can last for years. Occasionally, one male often extends his trunk along the other’s back and pushing forward with his tusks. That is to signify his intention to mount, and this same-sex relation is very common not with just males but also females.


Known as one of the gayest animals in among other gay animals, homosexual is very common with giraffes. Male giraffes have been observed to engage in high frequencies of homosexual behavior apart from their aggressive “necking”. After caressing each other with their necks, these long neck animals court each other before they begin mounting and climax. In some herds, between 30% to 75% of the giraffes would engage in same-sex behavior. As for female giraffes, only one percent of same-sex mounting incidents occurred between them.


Both male and female lions have interacted with each other homosexually, and it has been a while already. Male lions are common in this case, and they are often seen pair-bond for a number of days. During those days, they initiate homosexual activity with affectionate nuzzling and caressing which is sweeter than most of us humans. Those affectionate activities often lead to mounting and thrusting, and the rest is history. As for the females, pairings between them are fairly common in captivity but not in the wild. In case you are interested, there is even a video of a lion threesome at Wuppertal Zoo.


Homosexuality usually occurs among male wild sheep species such as bighorn sheep, mouflon, thinhorn sheep, and urial. Homosexual courtship has a higher ranking from older male to a younger male using a sequence of stylized movements. In order to initiate homosexual courtship, the courting male approaches the other male with his head and neck lowered. Then he extended far forward, and this is called the “low-stretch” posture. Sexual activity between wild males typically involves mounting and anal intercourse. Female mountain sheep also engage in occasional courtship activities as well, just not as common as the males.


Wouldn’t call this an utterly homosexual relationship because walruses tend to make it very complicated. We focus on the older male walruses, and they are involve in bisexual relationship most of the time. The males often mate with the females during the breeding season, but the mating will end when the breeding season finishes. As for the rest of the year, they will have sexual relations with other males instead. Usually, you can see male walruses embrace or sleep together in the water when breeding season is over.


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