9 Heaviest & Biggest Babies In The World To Ever Born

Biggest Babies

You won’t say babies are so little anymore when you see some of these biggest babies in our list today. Usually, babies are born with an average size and weight that their 4 or 5 years old siblings can handle. As for our biggest babies, some parents might still find that unusual at some point. Nutrients are not the only reason to cause babies to grow unusually large, some medical conditions also count. So we will look into 9 biggest babies in the world along with their background stories together, check them out!


image: bloguedofranz.blogspot.com

Country: Germany

Jasleen was a baby girl who was born naturally on 26th July, 2013 at University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany. With weight of 6.1kg and 57cm in height, Jasleen was the biggest baby ever in Germany. Her mother had an undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes which is a condition that occurs around the 24th week of pregnancy. Such condition can lead to a larger-than-normal newborn, and that is why Jasleen was different from other babies.


image: interangels5b.over-blog.com

Country: Spain

Maxine Marin, a 40-year-old British woman already had three sons and did not plan for more at all. That is because she had her other ovary removed due to a cyst so having more babies was not in the list. Then, she delivered her baby girl at Hospital Marina Salud with a huge surprise. The girl weighted 6.2kg in weight, and she was the largest baby to be born with miracle. Normally, larger babies are often delivered via Caesarean section but her mother did not even need an epidural. Marine said she knew that the baby would be big, but not that big; it was a shock.

3Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean

image: mtmtv.info

Country: United States

After nine months of carrying her baby, Michel said she was more tired and happy to have given birth. This mother of said she was so miserable, and she couldn’t sleep at night. Her 13-year-old had to help her get in and out of bed every time she needed to. Then the baby’s size explained everything, his 6.5kg weight was almost equal to her twins’ weights combined. He fitted into clothes for a 6-month-old, and Michel had to return all the clothes she prepared before the delivery. None of them fit the big fella, but he is one cute big baby to hold.

4George King

image: Daily Mail

Country: United Kingdom

That is a great for one of the biggest babies in the world who was born in 2013 like this cute one. The child weighted almost twice the size of an average baby as he hit the scale at 7kg. There was no indication that baby George would be this big because both of his parents were average in size at birth. His unusual size caused significant difficulties for his mother, Jade. Mid way through the deliver after baby George’s head had already popped out, he became stuck.

Every mother would totally know this feeling, and Jade experienced the extreme of them all. George’s relatively giant size for a newborn led to the broad shoulders which was struggling for him to get out. “That was when things got as scary as about 20 medical staff ended in the room working on freeing the baby.”, according to Jade. The good news is he was delivered successfully and transferred to another hospital for specialist care. As you can see, he is super adorable.


image:​ god

Country: United States

Janet Johnson was the strong mother who gave birth to her baby boy whose weight was 7.25kg in 2011. That was more than double average weight of a newborn, and baby JaMichael was one of the biggest and heaviest babies. He was born at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, and he was also the largest newborn in the Lone Star State. Janet and her fiance Michael Brown knew that a big baby was coming soon with expectation of about 5kg in weight. To their surprise, their adorable baby even surprised the doctor.

6Stephen Lyttle

image: The Macleay Argus

Country: Australia

Meanwhile the average weight of an Australian baby is 3.37, Stephen’s weight was 7.39kg when he was born. He was born on 26th of January, 1963 at Kempsey Hospital in Australia. Today, he is 54 years old with the height of 1.86 meters and 97 kilograms in weight. A very strong and healthy man, indeed.

7Nadia Khalina

image: innatethinker.blogspot.com

Country: Siberia

As a mother of 11 children, delivering her 12th child would not so much for a worry or trouble. Or would it? Baby Nadia whose weight 7.75kg is one of the biggest babies to be born in baby history, the picture says it all. Even the baby nearby looked at her with so many questions in its mind. Nadia was born on 26th of September, 2007 in Siberia with the title of the biggest baby in Siberia.

8Akbar Risuddin

image: Toronto Star

Country: Indonesia

When we thought babies couldn’t get any bigger and heavier than 8 kilograms, Akbar came to prove us wrong. This big guy was born on 21st of September in 2009 at Abdul Manan General Hospital in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The weight of Akbar is equal to the weight of an average one-year-old infant. His excess weight resulted from an excess of glucose received from his mother during pregnancy. The doctor said that the baby is very greedy with strong appetite, and he needs nursing almost nonstop.

9Ademilton dos Santos

image: epochtimes.de

Country: Brazil

In 2005, a woman in Brazil gave birth to a giant baby with the weight of 8kg which is twice the size of average baby. Ademilton dos Santos is the heaviest boy to ever born in Brazil, and he was born by Caesarean section. The doctors said that Ademilton’s unusual size was due to his mother’s diabetes condition. That is why he is being given glucose solution intravenously to maintain a safe level of blood sugar because of his mother’s diabetes.


Bonus: The heaviest baby ever born was Anna Bates‘ son, Babe, in Canada, 1879. She was in the Guinness Book of World Records with the weight of 10.8kg, but she died 11 hours after birth unfortunately.


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