7 Common & Funny Lies That We Were Told As We Grow Up


No matter if you are an Asian or not, there are always funny lies that our parents and grands told us. As kids, we always thought that those things were true and believed everything people told us. In fact, some of us still believe what we were told since we don’t usually seek for explanation. So today we are here to bring you some untruth facts or lies that we believed when we were young. Let’s see if you have heard of any of the facts back in the old days, and let us know your thoughts.

1Cats Always Land On Their Feet

image: Pixabay

According to cats, that is the rumor spread by dogs. Cats are very agile, and they can only react and land on their feet at an average falling height. However, it is true that cats always land on their feet most of the time. That is because they are born with Air-Righting Reflex which means they can sense they’re falling. So they will attempt to flip over in the air in the hope of landing feet first. Plus with their flexible spine, cats are able to do this really well.

The thing is that cats don’t ALWAYS land on their feet, that depends on how far it is falling and what it lands on. Cats can certainly break bones by landing on concrete or other hard surfaces from heights more than 10 meters. That is because they cannot absorb shock regardless of landing on their feet or not. However, things are different if they fall from a tall building of about 5 floors. The cat will relax its body and spread out like a parachute to help reduce injuries when it hits the ground.

2Eating Carrots Will Give You Good Vision

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It is the combination of our parents want us to eat vegetables and the things we see on cartoons. People say that you should eat more carrots if you want to have good eyes like rabbits. The fact is that vitamin A promotes good eye health, but that does not mean it will increase your visual acuity. The origin of this myth dates back to World War II with a bit of truth. Carrots contain beta carotene which your body converts into vitamin A, but carrots don’t help much still.

3Fingernails & Hair Continue To Grow After You Die

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The truth is that skin and muscles shrinks during the decay process when a person died and is buried. That gives the appearance of longer nails and longer hair which makes some people think that they are still growing. As a matter of fact, nothing is actually growing. If it is, that would be very creepy and we will never know how long can they grow.

If we go deeper into science, our fingernails and hairs need Keratin which is a protein that make up our hair and nails. Keratin cells naturally push upward through the skin which turn into our hair and skin as they die and harden. The process that makes our hair and nails grow is known as Keratinization. When we die, our body no longer produce any cells that cause growth to the nails and hair. Basically, that is one of the untruth facts that many kids and people believe.

4If You Swallow Chewing Gums, It Will Stay There For Years

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It is one of the most persuasive lies that we believed as kids, but the truth is different. It is true that gum base cannot be digested which means it will stick to your stomach wall. The thing is swallowing chewing gums will not cause intestinal problems or keep it in the stomach at all. That cannot happen unless you swallow a large mass of chewing gum or many small pieces of chewing gum at once. We have eaten difficult-to-digest substance like chewing gum, but it will pass through body intact eventually. Once it goes in, it will come back out just like everything else. So you won’t have to worry about the chewing gum you accidentally swallowed last 5 years anymore.

5Not Wearing Thick Clothes In Winter Will Make You Catch A Cold

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No one likes cold, so we usually believe this because having a cold is not that fun. Our parents usually tell us this because they don’t want us to get cold and feel unwell. The fact is that colds are caused by viruses, not exposing out in the cold. Also, colds are prevalent during the winter because you are inside more often. It is more likely to occur when you come into contact with someone who is contagious.

If you expose in the cold for too long without proper winter clothes, there will be rather injuries than sickness. That includes frostnip which affects skin on the face, ear, or fingertips. Frostnip might cause numbness or blue-white skin color for a short time but no permanent tissue damage. You will also have frostbite which is the freezing of the skin and the tissues under the skin because of low temperatures. Other than that, you will have trench foot, eye pain, vision changes, and more.

6Sugar Caused Hyperactivity In Children

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We might have seen things like this in cartoons that show a character becomes so energetic after consuming sugar. Also, some parents fear that the effects of birthday sweets or Halloween candies are bad for their children. It is true that refined sugars and carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly which causes rapid changes in blood sugar levels. However, researches have done double-blind experiments and have determined that that is not true. Children who consumed sugar had no more frequent hyperactivity than sugar on a sugar free diet at all. The hyperactivity from sugar may just be a result of the situation children are in only.

7Swallowing Fruit Seeds Will Grow Plant In Your Stomach

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That counts with all types of seeds from many different fruits that we eat and swallow. Our parents simply tell us that the plants will grow inside our stomach, and many of us believed so. The thing is that a human stomach is not capable of growing any types of plants at all. There is no sunlight and soil but full of corrosive acid in there that would break down plants if it actually grows. It is one of the good lies to stop kids from swallowing fruit seeds because some seeds are bad.

It is a basic thing that many of us might have already known that seeds like apple or apricot seeds are bad. That is because of those seeds contain cyanide which can be very dangerous if consumed in large amounts. Other fruits with dangerous seeds are peaches, plums, almonds, pears, cheery pits, etc. So always be careful to not consume too much seeds of any of these fruits for your own good.


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