My First Flight Experience: My Very First Trip Abroad

my first flight experience

Never have I been brave enough to set my foot off the ground to fly to another country. In one of my 2017 resolutions, traveling was the very last wish I wanted to achieve. And now here I am sharing my first flight experience of my very first trip abroad in my most favorite country, Japan.

Japan has always been the number one country that I want to visit and explore if I have the chance to. And heck yes, I did! When it comes to traveling, Japan is always the country that first pops into my mind. That is because of the culture, the people there, and of course, the beauty that this country possesses. Japan is flawless in every single thing even the restroom and the marts, well maybe because I am still too excited. But that is totally true!

I have been to 4 awesome prefectures in Japan including the beautiful Tokyo city, the breezy Yokohama, the fun Kyoto, and the wonderful Osaka. It was the best 10 days of my life, and I will describe in detail in each of these awesome places. In the next article, indeed.

my first flight experience

However, let’s get into the flight first. My first flight was both the very first time and solo flight of my life. 6 hours on plane from Cambodia to Japan all by myself, and that was a totally great experience, actually. Life is an adventure, and I did kick my nerve’s ass on that first flight. So, my trip was on late December and early January because the purpose was to do the New Year countdown and more. The great thing is that everything went well as planned.

Boarding the plane was both exciting and scary since it was the very time for me. I followed every single procedure from the beginning to the end because I was afraid that I was not allowed to board. I sat next to a couple who were going on their honeymoon in Japan. Alone wasn’t enough, and I had to sit next to a sweet couple. I feel sad for me lmao. The plane took off at 22:50 at night, and that was a heart-racing moment. The plane went so fast before its wheels went off the ground. Well, my stomach was dancing a little bit as this huge metal bird flies. But everything was all good after about 5 minutes when the plane was steady in the sky.

On the plane, you can enjoy listening to music, watching movies or anime (Japanese plane is awesome, isn’t it?), and more. You can also use your own device to do your own things as well, but just make sure that they are in flight mode for everyone’s sake. On board, the flight attendance would ask in case the passengers want anything to drink. I had a glass of red wine to calm my nerves, and it kinda worked. I had spent a couple hours watching different movies and listening to music before I fell asleep.

my first flight experience

I was woken up for early breakfast at 3AM in the morning my time (Cambodia and Japan are 2 hours different). I can say that the food was awesome since I like omelet and bacon. After about an hour, I arrived the land of my dream country safely at 6am in the morning. I did not prepare for the arrival because I was talking to the newlywed next to me. I was a bit shocked as the plane’s wheels hit the ground, but it was totally alright. Not to mention the morning clouds was absolutely so beautiful I forgot all of my fear.

my first flight experience

There were a few processes of checking in, and the staffs were all super nice and friendly. Japanese people are that awesome, yes. And then, I spent about 10 minutes waiting for my enormous luggage to come to the dancing wheel, that is what I called the thing. And everything was done. I have friends and boyfriend waiting to pick me up, and the trip also begins right on that very day.

To sum everything up, my first flight experience was superb; and I enjoyed every moment. The flight was safe and carefully served, and the attendances were nice and helpful. I traveled with ANA, and it was a direct flight with the total time of about 6 hours from my country to Japan. Definitely go there again on my next vacation, and there will be more things that I am going to share with you. There are also more articles about the detail of my trips in Japan as well, so stay tune!

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