8 Famous Ice Cream Brands For Ice Cream Lovers To Try

Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream heals everything when you are an ice cream lover, and here is why these famous ice cream brands are here today. In case eating the same ice cream brands all the time is boring, there are a few awesome brands that you should try. Each brand of ice cream in our list here is tasty and well-known amongst ice cream lovers out there. Take a look and see whether or not you have tried all of them, don’t forget to share your thoughts.

1Ben & Jerry’s

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With the full name of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc, this American company is among the best ice cream brands. The company manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet, and it operates globally today as a fully owned subsidiary of Unilever. The unique thing about them is their wide range of exciting flavors like Chunky Monkey and Chubby Hubby. For ice cream lovers and fans of Ben & Jerry’s, they must be familiar with the Vermonster. The large ice cream sundae served in a Vermonster Bucket consists of 20 ice cream scoops. Accompanies with 4 bananas, hot fudge, chocolate chip cookies, 10 scoops of walnuts, toppings, and whipped creams. Want to try? There are more than 600 Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops worldwide, one of them may be near you!

2Blue Bell Creameries

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Being one of the top ice cream brands, Blue Bell produces more than 250 different frozen products. They began with making and selling ice cream and butter locally since 1907. As for their ice cream, there are 66 flavors so far and the taste is rich with consistency. Back in the old days, the creamery made ice cream by batch and they could create 30L of ice cream every 20 minutes. Then they purchased their first continuous ice cream freezer to expand the productivity up to 300L of ice cream per hour. In 1960s, the company abandoned the production of butter to focus solely on ice cream. Things has been going great, and here they are standing as one of the best ice cream brands.


Not every company produces ice cream with all-nature ingredients, that is why Breyers is one among the best. Founded by William Breyers in 1866, all of his ice cream was made based on simple and pure ingredients. One of his best creations is Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream, and it is made from 100% Grade A milk and cream. The interesting thing is that the company partners with farmers all over America because milk and fresh cream are their main ingredients. With natural ingredients and nature flavor, there is not a single doubt why Breyers is one of the best ice cream brands.


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Bulla is a family-owned Australian dairy company whose products are manufactured using only the freshest milk and cream. The company produces a premium range of dairy products from ice cream and yogurt to cottage cheese with premium quality. Established in 1910, the company has become partner among three inter-related families who still own and operate the business to this day. Their latest product has just launched last week, Bulla Nourish, real fruit ice cream with no added color or artificial flavors. Looks so tempting, you really should give it a try.

5Cold Stone Creamery

Famous for their 12 – 14 percent of butterfat, their premium ice cream is one of the most popular products. With their speciality in making premium ice cream, they only use the best ingredients to make fresh ice cream on a daily basis. One of their major selling points is their signature mix-in creations of a blend between ice cream flavor and mix-ins. From chocolate chips and cookie dough to Oreo cookies and more, the mix-ins have them all. Apart from ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery’s menu also consists of pies, cookie sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, ice cream cakes, and more. Nowadays, there are more than 1,100 locations of Cold Stone Creamery in different countries in the world.


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You may think this ice cream company is from Danish or Germany, but it is actually an American ice cream brand. Began only with 3 flavors included vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, the founder couple opened their first store in 1976. Today, the business now has franchises throughout the United States and many countries around the world. Ice cream is not their only product, the company also produces ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and gelato. Their reputation of only using the finest ingredients along with real cream and milk makes them very famous.


The company stands strong because of its production of premium homemade ice cream using carefully selected quality ingredients. Started in 1999, Iberry is the first quality ice cream brand in Thailand founded by 3 brothers. The ice cream is delicious and healthy to eat due to the selection of grade A ingredients. With more than 100 flavors, there is a wide range of unique and addictive taste that ice cream lovers will adore. You can only find the shop in Sukhumvit Soi 24, so don’t forget to drop by when you visit Bangkok.


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Began the business selling meat products back in 1786, no one would think Wall’s will be a famous ice cream brand. The huge success began when Thomas Wall II, the founder’s grandson, introduced the ice cream product in the early 1920’s. Today, Wall’s ice cream has expanded worldwide around the world spreading the wonder taste of ice cream. A few of their best ice cream products are the ambient chocolate bar variations for the Magnum, Cornetto, and Mini Milk. Wall’s ice cream is very easy to find, from supermarket to mini marts, you can find them there. Classic and tasty, one of the best ice cream brands to try indeed.


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