Egypt: 10 Strange Things in Ancient Egypt You Probably Never Heard Of


Each country has their own culture and traditions, but Egypt is the most ancient of them all. If you read more about this phenomenon country, you will know that there were a lot of strange things in ancient Egypt before. This beautiful and mysterious country possesses countless amazing things that we never think of. From people to the art and construction, Egypt has a great number of fascinating things for us to learn from. So today, we will look into 10 of the strange things in ancient Egypt that you might want to read about.

During the process of mummification, every internal organ was removed except for the heart. The Egyptians believed that heart is the source of everything including cleverness, feelings, soul, and characteristics.

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The 365 days per year of the sonar calendar is defined by the ancient Egyptians. The reason behind this was to estimate the time that Nile River would cause flood throughout the year. The first redefinition of the calendar was around 3000 B.C.

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Cats are highly considered as vulnerable in Egypt. When a cat died, all the members of the host family had to do to mourning and shave their eyebrows. The body of the cat was either mummified or cremated in a special way.

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They have the strangest and rarest gene and medical treatment. For instance, dwarves are considered as normal. However, rare people are extraordinary respected. For example, 21st King Amenemope wrote that respecting elder people, patients, and disabled people is an morality duty for all the Egyptians.

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Ancient Egyptian women used crocodile’s poop as birth control pills. The document from 1850 B.C also refers to the strange method of birth controlling. The poop from crocodile contains Alkaline which is also used in modern medicine to kill male’s sperm nowadays.

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Hygiene and body shape are extremely important to ancient Egyptian people. Male had to shave all over their bodies and they liked to use flower-smelling or other fragrance. That’s why it is common for Egyptian leader to use the best fragrant perfume during those periods.

Nile river is the most important water resource for the Egyptians. It is considered to have its origin from Nun the flowed through hell and heaven to Egypt.

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Women in Egypt had equal rights as men in all sectors except for the positions. Women have the rights to marry or divorce with anyone they want. They can have a position in their favors (with clear conditions), they were also able to manage the wealth, buy and sell anything they would like to, and they could travel freely.

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Both men and women did their makeup differently from each other. However, the purpose was to protect their skin from sunlight and sandstorm.

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Pyramid in Egypt is not just an ancient world’s wonder amongst the 7 wonders, but also the only thing remains until today in Egypt. There is an Arabic proverb saying that “People fear time, but time fears Pyramid”.


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