Deadly Terms Women Use: What Women Say And What They Really Mean

deadly terms women use

Just because she says ‘That’s Okay’ does not mean that is “really” okay. There are a lot of deadly terms women use, but about 10 of them are used quite often. So, I thought I should share some phrases that women say and what really mean to guys out there. This might be a lot helpful, and I guarantee it is 99% accurate. And you can tell that it is true the moment you read the phrase and its actual definition that women apply. Let’s get further into it and see how many percent you know about your woman!

1. Fine

Short and simple, this is the word that a woman says when she wants to end an argument. No, don’t ask what it means when she says that or there will be a lot more of fights. She says this because she wants you to shut the hell up and move to a better topic. Hell yeah.

2. Go Ahead

You have to know that this is not a permission for you to do something that you want or ask for. This is a dare. Whatever it is you ask for, don’t do it if a woman says this. And if she says this in front of you, you can read her face that she dares you to do it. To be safe, don’t do it.

3. I’m Fine

deadly terms women use
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And you know that she is not fine when she says this. What you need to do is digging on what have you done that upset her. Otherwise, ‘I’m Fine’ means you’re an idiot and you totally ruined my mood.

4. Maybe

If you ask a question or want her to do something and she says maybe, that actually means ‘Hell No’. Do not frown, here is one simple example that can clear the doubt.

You: Babe, do you want to visit my mother’s house this weekend?
Her: Maybe.

5. Nothing

This is so not nothing, there be must something every time a woman says ‘Nothing’. You either need to go back to the past and find out what you did wrong and raise that up. Or the conversation will end with this one simple word. So basically, ‘Nothing’ means there is something that you should be worried about.

6. Seriously?

When a woman asks ‘seriously?’ in a argument, she does not want the same answer from your again. If she says so, that means she is giving you a chance to rethink what you just said. She also expects a different answer as well, so don’t mess this up.

7. That’s Okay

You know this very well, just because she says ‘That’s Okay’ doesn’t mean it is really okay. The true meaning behind this is she is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistakes. No, you can never get away with it even if you apologized. Doing something wrong to a woman cannot be easily forgotten with a “Sorry”.

8. Whatever

This is the way of woman to say ‘Screw You’. If both of you are in a argument or fight, and she says whatever, this is what she really means. It can also mean ‘I Don’t Care’ about what you just said or prove, and ‘Screw You’.

9. Wow

No, that is not a compliment. Wow does not mean a compliment all the time with women, especially when they say coldly like this. Actually, she is amazed that one person could be so stupid. If she sends this via texting, that clearly implies that she is not interested in whatever you try to impress her. Sorry bro.

10. You’re Right

She doesn’t mean it, all she wants is to shut to you up and cut you off. When a woman says that you’re right, don’t celebrate. She just wants to end the argument because she is tired of explaining again and again that you’re wrong.


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