23 Cute Spider Photos that Will Make Your Heart Melt

Hyluss Jumping Spider Insecta Spider Macro Diard

Here are 23 cute spider photos that will make your heart melt despite the fact that you don’t like creepy crawlies. Most of the spiders on the list are less dangerous which is why some people even have them as pets. Also, the cutest spiders of them all must be the jumping spiders. They have adorable googly eyes and those amazing fangs which make them even cuter. They’re like the best looking spiders actually.

The pictures of these adorable spiders might make your day and make you smile seeing them. You might have arachnophobia, but I hope these spiders can prove to you that not all spiders are scary. Let’s get ready to face the cuteness of these spiders and let us know which one is your favorite. You might keep on saying ‘awww’, so be prepared!

1Do You Love Me?

Female Jumping Spider - Phidippus regius - Florida

2Check Out My Water Drop Hat!

Water Drop and also a jumping spider! (9291534974)
image: Yogendra Joshi

3She Friendzoned Me 🙁

image: Pixabay

4You Think That I’m Cute?

image: Pixabay

5I Can’t Believe He Said That I’m Scary 🙁

image: Max Pixel

6Will You Be My Valentine?

image: Pixabay

7Why Are You Mad At Me? 🙁

image: Max Pixel

8Really? I Am Adorable?

Aelurillus v-insignitus
image: István Csíkos

9Don’t Run! I Just Need A Hug!

10Hey!!! My Man!!! Let’s Hug!

11I’m Scared…

image: Pixabay

12OMG You’re So Beautiful <3

image: Pixabay

13I Once Caught A Bug This Big

14She Just Friendzoned Me, Bro 🙁

image: Max Pixel

15I’m Hungry…

image: Max Pixel

16New Hat!

image: Pixabay

17Aww, Thanks for Telling Me That I’m Cute <3

Flickr - Lukjonis - Male Jumping spider - Evarcha arcuata (Set of pictures)
image: Lukas Jonaitis

18But First, Lemme Take A Selfie

image: Zleng

19You’ve Never Seen A Spider’s Eyes Closed Before? Let Me Show Ya!

image: Funnyjunk

20Please Accept This Fly As A Token of My True Love…

Female Salticidae with a prey-Northeast Region, Brazil a
image: Wikimedia Commons 

21What??? You Want Bigger Bug Than This?!?

Jumping spider hugging its catch
image: Wikimedia Commons

22Don’t Leave Me Alone 🙁

image: Pixabay