8 Creepy Things Kids Have Said To Their Babysitters

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There is always something dark about kids that we cannot make out why. Babysitters have shared creepy things the kids that they look after have said to them. Some even saw the kids talk creepy things alone in the room, and you might be familiar with this kind of thing. Being a babysitter makes good money somehow, but they also go through frightening experiences sometimes. Today, we will bring you 10 creepy things that kids have said to their babysitters. Don’t forget to share with us if you have similar experience of hearing creepy things being a babysitter, we would love to hear more.


“A toddler I was watching woke up in the middle of the night screaming about something under his bed. I checked and told him that everything was fine, there was nothing under there so he should go back to sleep. He looked over my shoulders and said the guy under my bed is behind you now.”


“I was babysitting a neighbor’s 3-year-old daughter when she looked up to me and asked something weird. She asked when is the baby going to come out of my tummy, two days later I found out I was pregnant.”


“It was rainy season, and we usually sleep under the mosquito nets in Asia to prevent mosquito bites. I was sleeping in the same bed with little Momo when she pulled my arm to wake me up. Then she whispered, the scary lady on top of our mosquito net keeps on staring at you Erika. I saw a dark shadow at the corner of my eyes, but I told her to sleep anyway. The second night she woke me up again saying the lady was standing at my side of the bed and staring at me. I did not dare to turn my back around to look, so I comfort her to sleep. The next morning little Momo told me the scary lady said she would get inside the mosquito net tonight. I called the parents, and we slept in the neighbor’s house on that third night.”


“One night I was babysitting my friend’s children, and the youngest one who was 5 years old drew something. I checked and it was a picture of a woman hanging from the ceiling with a scary look. He looked up to me said she told me to draw this, and she coming for you, Jane.”


“I was putting Emily who was about 3 at that time to bed, but kids don’t want to sleep. She asked me why she had to go to bed, and I said because it is time for little girls to get a good night rest. Then she pointed at nothing across the room and said what about that little girl? There were only two of us at the house that time.”


“I was heading to the bathroom on the second floor to find April, a 4-year-old girl making funny faces while sitting on the stairs. So I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was copying the lady with the braid. I asked her where the lady was, and she pointed to a beam running parallel to the stairs. Then I asked what was the lady doing, and April said the lady was making fun faces. I thought it was her imagination so I continued to walk upstairs but then she said something that stopped me dead in tracks. April said her braid is around her neck, which I turn around and she continued, the lady is hanging by her braid. Then April started making a face that the lady she saw was making, it was the face of someone gasping for air.”


“I once babysat a girl called Sarah who used to love it when I went to babysit her. Her mom used to tell me how she always requested me over the others. One evening Sarah said, when you die I want to put you in a glass jar so I can keep you and see you forever, Maria. That was the last time that I would ever babysit her again.”


“I was babysitting over night, and the two kids were sleepwalking and talking in their sleep. The oldest who was 5 was crying in his sleep, got up, and locked himself in the bathroom. It took a while to get him out, so I ended up sleeping on the couch to look after them. In the middle of the night, I woke up feeling like someone was watching me to find him standing next to the couch. I didn’t even ask the question yet, he said the man watches you when you sleep. Then he walked back to bed and sleep, I was up till morning.”


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