Couple Problems: 5 Simple Phrases And How Men & Women Imply Them

couple problems

Many misunderstandings occur from the different implications between man and woman. Couple problems exist in every pair of couple out there, just different issues. Here we have some simple phrases that man and woman translate differently in their version. Let’s see what those are, and how you interpret these phrases.

1. I’m Fine

Men: Everyone is familiar with this two simple words together. For men, they really mean it if they say that they are fine. Men tend to go straight forward when it comes to feelings expression. They would tell you that they feel bad if they in that situation. Simple and easy to understand.

Women: Now here is the tricky part. ‘I’m Fine’ means she’s really fine sometimes, but she’s not fine the other times. Most of the time girls say that phrase so that her partner will pay more attention to her. While the other times, she means that she’s fine and you should stop asking her what is wrong.

2. Let’s Be Quiet For A While

Couple problems
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Men: As for men, they say this just because they need a moment for concentration. A quiet moment will help them to think of a solution faster or more effective. Or, they might need some moment to get over the depression or problems that they’re having. While the girls think the guys don’t want to talk to her anymore.

Women: Meanwhile, women use silent treatment as the punishment for their lovers. There are 2 things that women do when they are angry. They either scream at you or talk to you never for the rest of the day or week. And yes, men never understands why would women do that.

3. Let’s Discuss It Later

Men: For men, saying so means they are busy with something which they need to finish. Most men are not masters at multitasking at all. Therefore, they can’t talk while working at the same time like women do. If they say let’s discuss it later, give the men some times.

Women: Well, women are always great at multitasking. So, they wouldn’t mind talking and discussing with you while doing other work at all. If she says she can talk and work, agree with her. Trying to leave the conversation fearing that she might be distracted will drive her mad. Why? Because that makes the girls feel like her partner does not want to talk to her.

4. Nothing

Men: The one thing men can do that women can’t is thinking of nothing. There are times when men are thinking about nothing while staring into blank space. And women come to ask what is he thinking about, and he says ‘nothing’. Commonly, it really means nothing since they really don’t think about anything. And guess what, women never believe that. How could you think of nothing? That is impossible.

Women: Here is the difference, there are always a lot of things going on in a woman’s head. She says nothing when she doesn’t want to talk about it, or want you to try harder to get her answer. If she says nothing and you believe that without asking twice, she’ll get mad saying that you don’t care about her. For example:

Couple problems

Yup, something like that.

5. We Need To Talk

Men: Every time a girl says ‘We need to talk’, guys always think about they’re did wrong. Even if sometimes they did nothing wrong at all, their brain automatically search for mistakes. Actually, this short sentence does not always mean trouble. It also means discussion, so men should think positively about it.

Women: For women, they are way more open and happy if the man says this phrase to her. Women love to communicate and talk to their partners. And they never think about what they did wrong at all when they hear this phrase. In contrast, it makes her feel like she can talk and communicate more with her beloved one.


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