10 Countries With The Most Trees That You Might Not Know

countries with the most trees
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What comes into your mind when the thought of countries with the most trees pop up? Trees are the source of life and nature, and the world would be less meaningful without their presence. To have more trees mean less natural disasters and a more stable climate in the region. That is why the 10 countries with the most trees we are going to see today are so beautiful and peaceful to live in. So check them out to see what those awesome countries are, let’s see if your countries are on the list as well.


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Russia is not only the largest country in size but also the largest number of trees. The total size of forests in Russia is approximately 8,149,300 square kilometers which equal to 45% of the country. The biggest area with a lot of trees in Russia is in the north known as Siberia. As we all know, Russia is a very cold country especially in the northern part. The population in Siberia is very little because the region is covered in ice, high mountains, river, and other forests. If we discuss beauty, the view is absolutely mesmerizing to see.


As for Canada, the size of the forest in the country is 4,916,438 square kilometers; and that covers 30% of the country. Not different from Russia, Canada is also covered with ice which somehow helps the plants and wildlife there to live longer. The colder the area, the fewer people will come to disturb the region. That is not all, Canada is abundant when it comes to mountainous areas and lakes, and they are favorable to the growth of trees. Canada is peaceful and beautiful, and the view of the natural places there is simply breathtaking.


We all know that Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, and it is the reason why Brazil is here. The rainforest covers many parts of northwestern Brazil, and it is crisscrossed by thousands of rivers. The awesome thing is that the coverage of forests in Brazil is about 4,776,980 square kilometers which are around 56% of the country. The bad news is the percentage of deforestation in Brazil keeps increasing at some point. However, the government is trying its best to protect and preserve the forest nowadays. Let’s hope the forests are safe.

4The United States of America

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It is somehow a surprise to know that the U.S ranks in number 4 among countries with the most trees. The United States of America is covered by 3,100,950 square kilometers of forests which is 30% of the country. That is why the U.S is one of the countries that have a lot of wildlife and plants in the world. The well-known forest or jungle in the U.S is Marshlands Temperate Alpine which is in the desert. The area is also a conservative area as well since there are a lot of old and big trees along with wild animals that live there.


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With both large population and land, China is covered in trees about 2,083,210 square kilometers. The thing is that China is big, so the forest coverage is only about 18% of the country which is somehow very little. At the same time, forests in China are being destroyed every day due to mining, and other modernization in the country. At least the Chinese government promised to start a reforestation campaign to restore their forests back by 2020.


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With 1,470,832 square kilometers of forests, Australia has only about 19% of trees in the country. That is because most parts of Australia are dry and fertile land while the number of freshwater is inadequate. However, Australia is one among the countries with the most trees since the coverage number in land is large compared to some countries. Trees in Australia are tall and big, and the forests there is super green which is absolutely beautiful.

7Democratic Republic of Congo

Though the coverage of forests is only about 1,172,704 square kilometers, DRC is also the country with the most trees. The coverage might be small in number, but it is equivalent to 52% of the country which is a lot. Most areas of this country are covered by tropical rainforests which makes the climate stable and comfortable. The rain falls regularly, and the trees and wild animals live in the forests peacefully.


For Argentina, the area with most forests and jungles locate in the southern part of the country. The number of trees coverage is about 945,336 square kilometers equals to 32% of the whole country. With waterfall from Andes mountains which known as the longest continental mountain range in the world, trees never stop growing there. Where there is water, there is life; and that is why the majority of forests are there. More than that, Patagonia which is also in the southern part of the country, is also full of jungles. These jungles are the main shelter of wildlife as well as the main attraction for tourists.


Despite the small size of the country, Indonesia has 884,950 square kilometers of forests in the country. That is up to 46% of the land, and that results from the favorable climate along with the good location of this Southeast Asian country. Indonesia is rich in rain which makes the trees grow well there to provide shelter to many wildlife and rare wild animals. If you visit Indonesia once, you will surely be attracted to the natural beauty of this country. The whole trip is totally worth the view and the experience which you really should give a try.


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Being one of the biggest countries in the world, of course India also has a lot of trees in their country. India is covered by 802,088 square kilometers of different types of trees. These trees are the main shelter to many wild animals while providing a source of food for the animals and people at the same time. That is not all, those trees are also part of the source of traditional medicine for Indian people as well.

There you have it, 10 countries with the most trees that you might never know. Let’s just hope that people will care more about the environment and protect the trees and wildlife. Nature is beautiful, so we should cherish and protect what we have.

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