Trip in Singapore: 9 Best Places To Go In Singapore & What To Do There

best places to go in Singapore

Singapore is a small yet beautiful country that many tourists don’t want to miss. The question is what are the best places to go in Singapore when you are actually there. It took myself quite some times to plan a proper itinerary for my Singapore trip, and it was totally worth it. All you need is a couple of days to explore the main tourist sites in this modern country. I have been to 9 well-known places in Singapore, wish I could go to 10 places to write a top 10 list though.

There are times when you hear people talk things about the places that they have been to. The actual thing is that what you hear is always a doubt until you experience the exact situations yourself. I have heard people talked about Singapore; how expensive the country is or how fun the trip is, to the point I decided to go there. It is always an awesome feeling to pack my bag and get ready to wake up in another country, and Singapore is one of them.

My trip was a total of 4 nights and 5 days, and I have been to almost all best places to go in Singapore, thanks to my Singaporean friends. And here I am writing about my fun experience in this country. You will find the best places to go in Singapore, do’s and don’ts in Singapore, and some tips base on my experience. I might not have gone to all of places there, but I did have an amazing time in the country. So let’s take a look.

Day 1

Universal Studios Singapore

best places to go in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore aka USS is one of the best places that you have to go when you are in Singapore. Some people might say the ticket is a little pricey, I would not argue with that. However, it is not that you need to go to USS everytime you visit Singapore. Go there once just to experience everything there by yourself, and that is all you should do.

So ticket entrance for Universal Studios Singapore is 76 SGD per person, and you will be able to explore the whole place from morning till it closes. USS is not that big actually, the only thing that consumes hours of your time is staying in long lines waiting for the rides. That includes roller coasters, canopy flyers and river rafts in Jurrasic Park, treasure hunting ride in Egypt, and many more. If you are lucky, each ride you have to wait will be only an hour or two. So let’s hope that you will be lucky.

best places to go in Singapore

As for me, waiting in long lines is not in my field of interest so I just walk around and sightsee the place. In case you just want to walk around like I did, you might only spend about two hours in USS. With the walk, you can still see many things from the animation movies that you have watched in real life. There are a lot of places to take pictures like the castle from Shrek, Madagascar, Sesame Street, Minions, and many more.

Apart from the rides, there are also stunt shows and other educational tours of dinosaurs as well. The schedule of those activities can be found in the map that you can get in the entrance of the studios. You will also find souvenirs in each place as well, so basically there are a lot of things to see in Universal Studios Singapore.

Tips: So Singapore is in Southeast Asia, meaning the climate is somehow hot most of the time. If you go to USS, remember to wear light clothes along with shoes that you can comfortably walk in for hours. If possible, bring an umbrella with you because it will be super hot while there will be water show where splashing water is involved. Also, don’t forget to bring your own bottle of water because water in USS is 7 SGD per bottle.

Day 2


best places to go in Singapore

Bugis is the combination of modern and urban street life together with great diversity. If you go to the mall, there will be a lot of fancy things to buy along with food courts of different cultures. If you go Bugis street, you will find souvenirs and other regular Asian street things that you can get. Bugis is interesting in both day and night, and the maximum time that you will spend there is only a couple of hours.

Arab Street

best places to go in Singapore

With small colorful stores that sell souvenirs and food from different countries, Arab Street is like one little town of everything. The street is located near Masjid Sultan Mosque, a Muslim mosque that you can visit at the day and time that are scheduled. There is plenty of things that are satisfying for the eyes to see, mainly the astonishing view from the whole place. Like I said, my description is not as real as you experience by yourself. There are also walls full of graffiti that you can take photos with as well. The walk in Arab street takes only about an hour at most, so visiting in the afternoon is the best time.

Little India

best places to go in Singapore

Little India is a market that sells authentic and antique souvenirs with Indian taste. Apart from souvenirs, you will also find clothes, bags, shoes, and other everyday items at reasonable price. More than that, you can even try local Indian food there as well. Little something from India in the modern city of Singapore, definitely something that you should experience. I had that experience and I loved it, totally recommend those who haven’t tried to go for it. It is absolutely worth a try.

Merlion Park

best places to go in Singapore

Going to Singapore would be meaningless if you don’t get the chance to take photos with the famous Merlion statue. The park is so crowded you have to wait to take turn to take pictures. There are snacks and drinks sold by vendors in the park with acceptable price, and you can spend some times to rest there. It is usually windy and cool in the park in the evening, and sitting there is one relaxing thing to do. The view is better in daytime when the Merlion is visible because the better place to go at night is nowhere other than Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands

best places to go in Singapore

When it comes to Marina Bay Sands, it is not just the astounding building alone that will capture your heart. There are a lot more. The perfect time to visit Marina Bay Sands is in the evening because the air is cool, and you will not have to wait long for your next destination. If you travel on foot like I did, you can walk straight from Merlion Park to Marina Bay sands. It takes a lot of time, but it is worth it.

The first thing that you really should not miss in Marina Bay Sands is the Water Show. The display time of Water Show is at 7PM and 8PM, two times every day. The show takes about 15 minutes, and there is plenty of space for the audience that you can sit and enjoy the show with fresh and relaxing air.

best places to go in Singapore

After the Water Show, the next best place to go is up to the Marina Bay Sands building itself. The ticket is 23 SGD per person, and you will go up to the 56th floor which is on the boat. Believe me, the view from up there is 10 times better than in photos. You will see the whole city and other attractions in Singapore right from the top. It was so relaxing I forgot the pain in my feet resulting from walking for 9 hours in my ankle boots. You can stay as long as you like up there, but not past 11:30 because that is the closing time.

Tips: The one and only thing to notice when you decide to go up to Marina Bay Sands is avoiding taking the photo at the entrance. Before you have your ticket checked, there will be a person who ask you to take photos saying it is a must. Just say no and walk forward if you don’t want your photos on some plates or in some frames. The price for that photo is not cheap.

My friends and I were told to take the photos but was rescued by an English tourist as she walked pass and said we should not do it. Thanks to her!

Day 3


best places to go in Singapore
image: Khalzuri Yazid

It is not a surprise to see a huge Chinatown in Singapore, Chinese population is almost all over the world. The fascinating part about Chinatown in Singapore is there are 2 different areas of Chinatown. You will find yourself in a big mall if the address you give to your taxi driver is Chinatown Point. Another area is the exact Chinatown out in the open with red lanterns and Chinese decoration. There, you can find cheap souvenirs along with Chinese food that you can taste. Mostly, places like that are perfect to go from noon to night. The place is kind of crowded, so it might take an hour or two to explore the whole place.

Orchard Road

best places to go in Singapore

Orchard Road is an optional place to go if you are not a fan of branding products. Alongside of Orchard Road is surrounded by large malls and supermarkets. Everything there is expensive, and you can find a lot of things like clothes, bags, shoes, or you can dine in restaurants there. If you want to sightsee, Orchard Road is not an ideal place to go since it is way popular for shopaholics.

Geylang Street

best places to go in Singapore

Just so you know, Geylang Street is known as Red Light district. Long thing short, the area is famous for prostitution; no offense. No, it is not like other anarchic area where girls come and drag you into the house. You can’t even tell that the area is the red light ones since everything is well-organized. I did not know about this until I already booked the apartment, but the place was nice and quiet to stay.

My point is Geylang Street is full of awesome street food to try. And guess what, the price is beyond acceptable. You will find a delicious plate of local Hainanese rice for just 2 SGD. There are also fruits, snacks, and other local dining areas that you can try. The place is alive at night, the street and shops are full of people under the city light. The night air is also cool and relaxing to walk, definitely the area to spend your dinner and some night walk at.

So I went to Singapore for 5 days, but I only spent 3 full days to explore. There are a few more tips if you go to Singapore for the first time including:

Clothes: Always wear light clothes because the weather there is burning hot. I regretted wearing leather skirt and leather jacket, I was steaming under my clothes. As for shoes, get the comfortable ones because there will be a lot of walking.

best places to go in Singapore

Internet: You can find a SIM card that provides 100GB of jet speed Internet and unlimited calls for 30 SGD at the airport. Singtel is the name of SIM card company that I bought, and I definitely loved it.

P.S: This article is not sponsored by Singtel, but they should 😛

best places to go in Singapore

Charger: Never forget to bring universal charger when you travel abroad. As for Singapore, their charging port looks like picture provided so do not forget that part.

best places to go in Singapore

Snacks: Apart from street food that is not so abundant in Singapore, you can find snacks at 7/11. Also, there is another mini market called Fair Price where you can find food, snacks, and ingredients with good price. The only thing that attracts me the most in Singapore in the Ice Cream vending machine!

It took me 2 hours on plane to get to Singapore, and I had a lot of fun there. Since I haven’t explored enough, I will definitely go there again some day. There you have it with the best places to go in Singapore along with some tips. And stay tune for things to know when you go to Singapore!


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