10 Best Korean Dramas That Are So Popular In Korea

Korean dramas

When it comes to the best drama movies, Korean dramas are always in the list. There is a long line of best Korean dramas that drama movie lovers have in mind, and the best ones are here. K-Dramas are so popular for many reasons, and talented actors with great plot twists are among them. The praise always goes to the flawless storyline that brings a mixture of emotions to the audience. The awesome thing about Korean dramas is that they can make us feel as if we are in the scene.

Most K-Dramas reflect people’s life in real society, especially in the family. Some stories are so relatable they are hard to deny, and that is also a part that makes them unique. Today, we will bring you 10 best Korean dramas that you can watch when you are bored. In case you don’t know what to do on staycation this winter, watching K-Dramas should be one of the things to try. Let us know if you have watched any of these popular Korean dramas below.

1Cinderella and Four Knights

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Korean dramas always have this love fantasy of a girl among four handsome guys, and this is one of them. The drama is based on a popular novel back in 2011 which is about youth and romance. The story is so challenging to watch especially when the four knights compete with each other to get the heart of the princess. Their relationship is so adorable, and it is the drama that you should not miss.

2Cheese In The Trap

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No dramas are more relatable to the university life of the students than this one. Life changes when we start university, and everything is all different. This drama represents them all, with perfection. The story has a mixture of laughter and tears along with an awe of cuteness when the actors are in love. This drama is starred by a lot of well-known actors, and it was a success in both South Korea and China. Let’s see if you like the storyline of this Korean drama.

3Descendants Of The Sun

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If you ask what is the biggest K-Drama in 2016, the answer will be The Descendant of the Sun. The drama was not only a major hit in South Korea but also all over Asia as well as some countries in Europe. The story is about the love of Korean people for their nation with the combination of romance and comedy between the soldiers and the nurses. It is one of the best Korean dramas that are highly recommended, so don’t forget to check it out.


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Handsome doctors always make the movies more interesting, and this Korean drama has them all. The drama is starred many famous artists that make it a hit in late 2016. Just watching the first episode, and you will understand why this drama is one of the best. This drama is about a schoolgirl who falls in love with her own teacher whom she works with several years after. If you want to know what happens at the hospital where they both work, go stream for the romance now.

5Let’s Fight Ghost

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Fed up with love story and romance? Maybe the exciting and thrilling K-Drama like this one will match with your interest. The story is about a man who has the special ability to see ghosts which leads him to fall in love with one. What is it like for a human to fall for a spirit? The answer is all in the drama, so don’t miss it.

6Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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The unique thing about Korean dramas is that the story is not always in modern life. Just like this one, the drama will bring you back to the ancient time of South Korea. You will see how people fought for their kingdom, and how the royal family went against each other to take control of the kingdom. The most important part is when the princess fell in love with a fellow servant who travels from the present time. This is one among the best Korean dramas that you should watch, and you will not regret this choice.

7The Legend Of The Blue Sea

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Fantasy K-Dramas are one fascinating genre that you should not miss. Just like most stories about mermaids, this one is no different except it has better twists and scenes. It is about a beautiful mermaid who suddenly transformed into a human then got stuck with a complete stranger. It all begins with a fisherman who captured then kidnapped a mermaid who travels across the ocean to find the love of her life. Legend of the Blue Sea is one among the most viewed Korean dramas, maybe give that a try sometimes?

8Uncontrollably Fond

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Not different from real life, Uncontrollably Fond is the story about the people who strive for a career and love as well as life. It is always difficult to balance these three things without neglecting one another. The drama receives a lot of great rates and reviews from the audience. Don’t forget to save some tissues, the story has a lot of cutting onion scenes that will make you cry.

9W: 2 Worlds

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If this drama is not one of the most amazing dramas with a cliffhanger storyline, then I don’t know what else is. The unique thing about this K-Drama is that the plot is unpredictable which makes the whole story even more interesting. Things get more curious from one episode to another, and each plot is also very mysterious. What to know what is in the two worlds? Grab some popcorn and watch this K-Drama asap.

10Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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As I said, Korean dramas have every taste of life that you can watch. It is not only about love and romance, funny K-Dramas also exist too. This drama has a combination of comedy and romance that makes you laugh with joy. The story is about university students who fall in love with each other unexpectedly. Things are always better when they are least expected, so let’s find out what’s next.


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