7 Best Chips That Make Perfect Snacks For Movie Nights


Nothing makes things more fun and enjoyable than eating the best chips especially while watching movies. There are a lot of chip brands out there in the market. But what are the best ones? If you want to try some new tastes of chips, let’s get some ideas here. I bring you 7 most tasty and best chips choices that you will love. The best part is these options are available in almost every supermarket out there. Maybe you can add them to your cart in the next shopping!


One of the top-selling chip brands in the United States is Cheetos. Today, there are more than 36 countries import Cheetos to their supermarkets. The cool thing is the flavor and composition are varied to match the taste in various countries due to cultural preferences. For example, they have Strawberry Cheetos in Japan or Savory American Cream in China. And they were right, the taste totally matched.


The first Doritos were released in 1966 in the United States nationwide. There are many flavors such as toasted corn, cool ranch, supreme cheddar, Doritos roulette, nacho cheese, and more. Doritos makes an amazing snack for movies, gaming, and any casual occasions. If you ask people in the U.S what their most chips are, the most answer you get will be Doritos.


Fritos are made with a very unique process among other chips. With only 3 ingredients of whole corn, corn oil, and salt, Fritos has become one of the best-selling chips. The varieties of flavors are available for you including BBQ, chili cheese, chorizo and chipotle, original, salt and lime, and more. Compared to other chips, Fritos has many choices of taste that you can choose. From original to hot spicy, the option is all yours.


Speaking of crispy and fresh, Lay’s has it all. Founded in 1965, Lay’s is one of the most successful chip brands that people love. The chips go international due to their taste and availability in a wide range of flavors. Most of the flavors are amazing, except there is one problem. Do you agree that the bag contains more air than the actual chips themselves? Because one big bag is never enough, or maybe I love eating chips. Yet, Lay’s is great overall. And you can find them in most supermarkets and malls.

5Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato is best known among Asians since it is manufactured by a Malaysian company. To Asians, Mr. Potato tastes kind of nicer than Pringles. The chips are crunchy, crispy, and absolutely tasty. There are several flavors that you can select, they are yummy in their own way. You don’t need to drink much water while eating the chips at all which is cool. They don’t make your throat too dry even when you eat a lot of them. The chips are available in bags, big containers, and small containers that you can choose. If you find one in the supermarket, you really should give it a try. You will surely love it!


Popchips probably had the coolest way to for commercial since many celebrities featured in their advertisements. That is why the popularity of Popchips has increased in just only a few years. There is a majority of flavors that you can try like barbeque, cheddar, sweet potato, Chile lime, crazy hot, etc. Also, Popchips has won no less than 10 awards in these 10 years. Some of them are the awards for Best Chips, Best Low-Calorie Snack, Best Crispy Snack for Kids, and more.


Oh, Pringles is among the best when it comes to potato chips. Pringles business has begun since 1967, and the products are sold in more than 140 countries nowadays. I don’t know what seasonings they use, but Pringles tastes incredibly good. And it is also some kind of addicting as well, one bite and one more bite and more and more. There are many flavors that you can try including original, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, and more. Pringles don’t cheat you in airbags, they come in tall standard containers. I think they are perfect snacks for trips too since the container is easy to pack in the backpack.

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