Animals Group Names That You Might Not Know About

Animals Group Names

Living in the wild is dangerous, and that is why animals gather together in groups. Animal group names are somehow silly or weird to us when they are in groups. The thing is that not all animals group name are in common use among people or even scientists. However, at least we should know more about their names so that we can describe them better in speech or writing. Below, we have categorized animals into different types so that it is easier to know what name belongs to which category.


image: Pixabay
  • Bitterns: a sedge
  • Buzzards: a wake
  • Bobolinks: a chain
  • Coots: a cover
  • Cormorants: a gulp
  • Crows: a murder, a horde
  • Dotterel: a trip
  • Doves: a dule, a pittying (total doves)
  • Ducks: a brace, a team, a flock (in flight), a raft (on water), a paddling, a badling
  • Eagles: a convocation
  • Falcons: a cast
  • Finches: a charm
  • Flamingos: a stand
  • Geese: a flock, a gaggle (on ground), a skein (in flight)
  • Grouse: a pack
  • Hawks: a cast, a kettle (in flight), a boil (two or more spiraling in the air)
  • Herons: a sedge, a siege
  • Jays: a party, a scold
  • Lapwings: a deceit
  • Larks: an exaltation
  • Mallards: a sord (in flight), a brace
  • Magpies: a tiding, a gulp, a murder, a charm
  • Nightingales: a watch
  • Owls: a parliament
  • Parrots: a pandemonium, a company
  • Partridge: a covey
  • Peafowl: an ostentation or muster
  • Penguins: a colony, a muster, a parcel, a rookery
  • Pheasant: a nest, a nide, a bouquet
  • Plovers: a congregation, a wing (in flight)
  • Ptamigans: a covey
  • Rooks: a building
  • Quail: a bevy, a covey
  • Ravens: an unkindness
  • Snipe: a walk, a wisp
  • Sparrows: a host
  • Starlings: a murmuration
  • Storks: a mustering
  • Swans: a bevy, a game, a wedge (in flight)
  • Teal: a spring
  • Turkeys: a rafter, a gang
  • Vultures: a venue, a kettle (circling)
  • Woodcocks: a fall
  • Woodpeckers: a descent


  • Fish in general: a draft, a nest, a run, a school, a shoal
  • Herring: an army
  • Sharks: a shiver
  • Stingrays: a fever
  • Trout: a hover


image: Pixabay
  • Ants: a colony, an army, a swarm, a nest
  • Bees: a grist, a hive, a swarm
  • Caterpillars: an army
  • Clams: a bed
  • Crabs: a consortium
  • Cockroaches: an intrusion
  • Flies: a business
  • Grasshoppers: a cloud
  • Iguanas: a slaughter
  • Jellyfish: a bloom, a fluther, a smack
  • Lobsters: a risk
  • Oysters: a bed
  • Snails: a hood
  • Squid: an audience

4Mammals & Marsupials

image: Pixabay
  • Apes: a shrewdness
  • Badgers: a cete
  • Bats: a cauldron
  • Bears: a sloth, a sleuth, a litter (cubs)
  • Buffalo: a gang or an obstinacy
  • Camels: a caravan, a train, a flock
  • Cats: a clowder, a pounce, a glaring
  • Dogs: a litter (puppies), a pack (wild), a cowardice (curs)
  • Donkeys: a pace
  • Elephants: a parade
  • Elk: a gang
  • Ferrets: a business
  • Fox: a lease, a skulk, an earth
  • Giraffes: a tower
  • Goats: a tribe, a trip
  • Gorillas: a band
  • Hippopotamuses: a bloat, a thunder
  • Hyenas: a cackle
  • Jaguars: a shadow
  • Kangaroos: a troop, a mob
  • Kittens: a kindle, a litter, an intrigue
  • Lemurs: a conspiracy
  • Leopards: a leap
  • Lions: a pride, a sawt
  • Martens: a richness
  • Moles: a labor
  • Monkeys: a troop, a barrel
  • Mules: a pack, a span, a barren
  • Otters: a romp
  • Pigs: a drift, a drove, a sounder, a team, a passel
  • Porcupines: a prickle
  • Porpoises: a pod, a school, a head, a turmoil
  • Rabbits: a colony, a warren, a nest, a down, a husk, a herd (domestic only)
  • Rhinoceroses: a crash
  • Squirrels: a dray, a scurry
  • Tigers: an ambush, a streak
  • Whales: a pod, a gam, a herd
  • Wolves: a pack, a route

5Reptiles & Amphibians

image: U.S. Geological Survey
  • Cobras: a quiver
  • Crocodiles: a bask
  • Frogs: an army
  • Lizards: a lounge
  • Rattlesnakes: a rhumba
  • Toads: a knot
  • Turtles: a bale, a nest
  • Salamanders: a maelstrom
  • Snakes / Vipers: a nest
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