12 Amazing Inventions By Women That We Are Using Every Day

inventions by women

There have been a lot of great inventions that we are using every day when it comes to convenience and comfort. The awesome thing is that many of those inventions are actually invented by women. There are many inventions by women that we might have never noticed yet using in our daily life.

That is why we are here to show you some amazing inventions by women today. From daily household items to large scale tools, women did invent many of those. Let’s see if you have already known or heard about any of them before.

1Circular Saw

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You probably have thought that such a construction invention was invented by some taught and smart men. Actually, no. Tabitha Babbitt was the first to suggest that lumber should use circular saw instead of the old-school two-man pit saw. She made a prototype of her plan and everything, but just like most women back then, her idea was disapproved. She suggested a circular saw since 1813, but it took some years to get accepted by her community and the world.

2Ice Cream Maker

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If you are an ice cream lover, think of Nancy Johnson and thank her for invented this amazing machine. It was until 1843 when people started to have ice cream with an advanced machine like today. Without her, we might have never tasted the awesome flavor of ice cream at all.

3Underwater Telescope

Back in 1845, the underwater telescope aka marine telescope was one of the most valuable inventions. This type of telescope helps scientists to permit inspection of the hull above the water. Sarah Mather the inventor, also included other functions in the telescope as well like spotting torpedoes and underwater crafts as well.

4Paper Bag

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Margaret E. Knight invented the machine that can produce square-bottomed bags which we use nowadays. That was in 1868, and the paper bags from her machine can carry more items compared to other designs. Since then, many companies like food and supermarket started to use them for storage till now.


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It is an interesting thing to know that dishwasher was invented by a wealthy woman. Josephine Garis Cochran was a rich woman who was not satisfied with her servant’s working pace. She was also afraid that her servants would break her expensive dishes as well. She wanted a machine that can wash dishes faster than her servants without breaking them. The thought went on until it came into an image on the 28th of December in 1886. The machine did not only make it easier and more convenient for her servants but also for us.

6Fire Escape

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Anna Connelly brought the idea of the fire escape and invented them in 1887. This invention has saved many people’s lives, and that is why every house is designed with a fire escape. It is safe to use when there is an emergency, and you can have a different entrance to the house as well.

7Car Heater

Thanks to Margaret A. Wilcox, you won’t freeze when driving in winter due to her car heater invention in 1893. Since then, driving in cold weather won’t be as cold as before at all. She also invented many other things as well like combined clothes and dishwashers and more.

8Retractable Dog Leash

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Retractable dog leashes are one of the best inventions for dog owners out there for they bring great convenience. No more instant running after the dogs or face-planting when the dogs run away. This type of dog leash was invented by Mary A. Delaney, and things get way more convenient. The design of a retractable dog leash is to keep the dog under control while giving them the freedom to roam as well. It is comfortable for both dogs and owners, and it started in 1908.


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1965 was the year that Kevlar was invented by Stephanie Kwolek. It was one of the best inventions that have totally changed the world. From vehicle tires to bulletproof vests, Kevlar involves in them all. It is strong and tough, and there surely will be more creations from Kevlar in the future.

10Child Carrier

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Realized that carrying a child in a sling was not safe as the baby might have slipped, Ann Moore and her mother developed a backpack harness. The purpose was to make sure that mothers will be able to walk with their little ones conveniently, comfortably, and safely. Ann Moore was a nurse, and her idea was established and patented in 1969. Since then, her idea was used and improved by many companies around the world.

11Foot-Pedal Trash Can

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Admit it foot-pedal trash cans are the most convenient ones to use compare to other types. A simple step and the trash can will open for you to litter without touching the lid. Lillian Gilbreth was the brilliant lady who came up with that idea thanks to her. Lillian has always been an awesome inventor for her great creativity. Apart from foot-pedal trash cans, she also invented shelves inside refrigerator doors, an improvement on can openers, and more.

12Windscreen Wiper

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No one thought it was the invention that would change their lives forever when Mary Anderson invented windscreen wipers. Men didn’t want to pull up the level to clean rain or snow off their screen at all. That kind of thought continued until Cadillac began to include windscreen wipers in every car model. That was when other companies started to follow the design, and we have windscreen wipers with our cars nowadays.


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