9 Beautiful Places In Slovenia Introduced By Young Photographer


With the area of 20,273 square kilometers, Slovenia is a small yet interesting country in Central Europe. The fascinating thing is there are many beautiful places in Slovenia that every tourist can’t help admiring. This country consists of the real beauty of nature which makes it unique among the others. The forests cover more than half part of the country, while there are also lakes and mountains to explore. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to get some photos from a very incredible Slovenian photographer to share with the world today. The description of each place is also included, so check them out! You can also keep up with Alex Klopcic for more stunning photos from him.

1. Bled Lake


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The interesting thing about Bled Lake is Bled Island. While Bohinj Lake has a church nearby the beautiful mountains, Bled Lake has an incredible church in the middle of the lake. And yes, the view is absolutely stunning. There are several buildings on the island that you can explore, and the main way to go there is by boat. Bled Island Church that you see here is visited and held weddings for many centuries till now. Beautiful indeed.

2. Bohinj Lake


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Known as the largest lake in Slovenia, Bohinj Lake also has the most beautiful sights as well. The lake covers 318 hectares of area, and there are many activities that you can do there. Besides riding boat and sightseeing, you can also go swimming, exploring the marine life, and more.

3. Bohinj Valley


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If you are hikers or adventurers, you will love this place. It might take sometimes to travel through the path on this road. But once your reach your destination to the mountains, the nature is all yours. Apart from the mountains, you will also reach Lake Bohinj which is the well-known place in Slovenia as well.

4. Forest Martuljek 


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Forest Martuljek is located in Gozd Martuljek, northwestern part of Slovenia. There are also other places that you can visit in the area apart from the forest as well. There you have Triglav National Park, the one and only park in Slovenia. You can take a nice walk along the ascending peaks through the forest and reach the park. The journey is totally worth it.

5. Kozjak Waterfall


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All you need to spend is about half an hour of walking to reach this stunning waterfall. Kozjak Waterfall aka Slap Kozjak has breathtaking atmosphere following by rocky amphitheater that you can’t take your eyes off. The water is emerald green, and that is one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have.

6. Ljubljana


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Ljubljana is the largest as well as the capital city of Slovenia. There are many watercourses flow through the canal of the city. Therefore, there are a few bridges that people can use to go across to the beautiful city Ljubljana. There are 5 main bridges including: Triple Bridge, Trnovo Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Hradecky Bridge, and the Butcher’s Bridge. If you visit Ljubljana with your beloved one, stop by at Butcher’s Bridge, and connect your padlocks of eternal love there. Quite a memory to remember.

7. Molič Pasture


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If you go to the Northern part of Slovenia, Kamnik-Savinja Alps are there for you. Just like most parts in the country, you will see forest, mountains, and river. But the great thing is there is a place called Molič Pasture, and you will find something special there. Molič Pasture is in the northern edge of Dleskovec Plateau, and flocks of sheep are being raised there. The view of the alps, the sheep, the shepherd huts, and the nice weather, this is everything.

8. Peričnik Falls


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Peričnik Falls means ‘Strike Beat’ which is the perfect name for a waterfall that flows from a steep cliff like this one. With this many mountains, waterfalls are countless in Slovenia. However, since this beautiful waterfall is located in the one and only national park, it is among the best. The waterfall is divided into 2 parts: the Upper Peričnik Falls and the Lower Peričnik Falls. Together, the Peričnik Falls is about 232 feet high.

9. Vintgar Gorge


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Here we have the scene of the bridge between Vintgar Gorge aka Bled Gorge. Under the bridge is the beautiful Radovna River that flow about 1.6 kilometer north. As you go across the bridge, you will explore more views of the mountain and canyon along the way. The weather is great, and it is one of the best places to escape to.


Photos Credit: Alex Klopcic


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