8 Healthy Types Of Bread That You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

healthy types of bread

We know that most bread is not right to eat during diet. However, there are some healthy types of bread out there that you can eat and still maintain the weight. Oh yeah, they exist! And you will be able to find them at the bakery in your town. There are 8 types of them, so I believe at least you will find the one that you like the most. What you will see are the healthy and delicious types of bread that won’t gain even one pound of your weight. Healthy bread are good to eat too, so don’t exclude them from your diet.

1. Brown Rice Bread

Brown rice bread is low in calories and sugar while keeping you full and energetic for hours. A sandwich from brown rice bread for breakfast is an awesome idea. You can use boiled eggs for extra energy, or any ingredients of your choice. A diet with brown rice bread is very successful.

2. Ezekiel Bread

Contains barley, wheat, lentils, beans, spelt, and millet, Ezekiel bread is so high in protein. Begin your day with this type of bread will help with digestion, absorption of minerals, and more. Since it does not contain added sugar, you will have zero worries about weight gaining.

3. Flaxseed Bread

Flaxseed bread is one awesome type of bread that contains manganese, potassium, and selenium that benefits to your health. Apart from that, the fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phytoestrogens in the bread will keep you healthy and fit at the same time.

4. Gluten Free Bread

Depends on areas, gluten free bread is not everywhere to find even in the bakery. If you are on gluten free diet, you should try this type of bread. It is healthy, and it helps with weight loss at the same time. When it comes to weigh loss program, gluten free bread should be on your list. After a few weeks of following the plan while eating gluten free bread, you will see the good result.

5. Oat Bread

Meanwhile oat bread is the best assistant when it comes to the reduction of carbohydrate intake. Compare to common white bread, oat bread is easier for your stomach to digest while keeping you full. Oat bread is a great option if you are on a low carb weight loss program. It makes good breakfast, and you can eat it as much as you want to.

6. Rye Bread

100% Rye Bread (5752657009)
image: Wikimedia Commons
Since it is wheat free, you can eat as much rye bread as you like without worrying about gaining weight. It helps maintaining the shape of you, and you can consume it daily in any way you like. Rye bread also helps with discomfort and bloating relief as well. The best part is rye bread keeps you full longer which you won’t need to find extra snack at all. Healthy and fit, rye bread it is.

7. Whole-Wheat Pita Bread

The combination of whole grains makes this type of bread full of good vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat is one of my favorite, and it tastes good as well which you should try too! It helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, and it benefits a lot to your health. The cool thing is one piece of this bread is just enough for breakfast, and you will feel full the whole morning.

8. Whole-Wheat Bread

Whole wheat is one of the healthiest bread that you can easily find at the bakery. This type of bread is good for health, and it does not add up any pound to your weight at all. Whole wheat bread is even more delicious when you eat it with scrambled eggs. But make sure you get the right whole wheat bread, the one that contains right ingredients for healthy diet.


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