7 Types of Fake Friends You Should Avoid


Making friends is something that most people can do easily without putting in much effort. However, being friends with fake people can be a headache if you trust them too much. So what can you do to avoid meeting such fake friends? The best answer is to be able to spot those people with 7 following types of fake friends below:


People who make friends with us depend on their mood. Sometimes they are so friendly to us as if we are best friends. While the other days they ignore us as if we don’t exist. This is the type of person that does not respect you which is why you should not be with them. You are special for who you are, so don’t let someone ruin your day because their mood is bad. They simply take your friendship for granted if they only come to talk to you when they are in the mood to.


People who don’t really treat you like their other friends. Like when they meet you, they would just say ‘Hi’ without much interest while they would be so talkative with their other friends. Sometimes you can notice by their expression that they don’t want to have a conversation with you at all. If that happens, you shouldn’t try to be friends with them at all. They are not worth your friendship. If they don’t treat you like they treat other people around, there is no reason you should try to befriend them.


People who never care to value the effort you put to help them. Even if you never ask for something back, a good friend would put an effort to help you when you are in trouble. In contrast, if they only come to you when they need help or have problems, they’re not your true friend. It is like they are using you when they have no one. And after that, they will abandon you and pretend as if your help didn’t matter at all.


People who pretend to be forgetful when it comes to something that they should give back as a friend. Like, pretend to forget about your birthday so that they can avoid spending money on your present. There are a lot of excuses that they can think of when it comes to avoiding helping you back. If that happens so often, you know that only want things from you without doing anything back in return. You do something for someone to make them feel good and special, and you deserve the same thing. If the particular person you thought of as a ‘friend’ won’t do that for you, they are not worth your friendship. Good friends will do what you do to them when it comes to happiness and joy, you know you want the same thing.


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For this type of people, they only act as our friends just to get benefits from us. When they in need, you will be the first you think of. But they are nowhere to be found when you are in need of help even in small problems. Friends are supposed to have each other’s back when it comes to bad times. No friend shall let their friend suffer alone in no matter what circumstance it is.


This is also the type of friend that you should avoid, the one who never invites us to whatever occasion. As I mentioned above, friends are supposed to be with each other in both good and bad times. If they are not with you when they hang out at the weekends or holidays, you shouldn’t try to befriend them. Even if it is a call once a month, at least you know they care. But if they simply ignore you at all cost, they might not be the friends for you.


How about the friends who ditch you for their lovers? Oh yes, they invited you to hang out at the weekend. But somehow their lovers are too busy to come, and they simply cancel it on you. This sucks. And guess what, there is nothing personal about friendship, but the hangout got canceled for such thing is not fair. Not to mention they invite you as a third wheel just to take photos of their lovely couple. Man, that is not what good friends are about. The thing is not no matter how busy people are, they can always make time for friends. And if they can’t make time for you but the others, being friends with them is wasting your time.


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