7 Types of Girls That Guys Hate And Avoid Dating With

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There are many reasons when it comes to single, being one of the types of girls that guys hate might be one. Characteristics of a girl can either drive guys close or far far far far away from her. If you are someone likable, yet you act like one or two among these things here, that might be bad news. No matter how nice the guys can be, they always try to avoid these 7 types of girl down here. Let’s see what those are.

1. Immature

types of girls that guys hate
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By immature, that means when someone do or say things without consideration, in public. Being immature can be too playful or talkative which is somehow annoying to be around with. Guys like childish girls, but not that childish to the level of immature. This is just not attractive to hang out with, seriously.

2. Lazy

types of girls that guys hate
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We all hate lazy people, and you can’t expect a man to like someone who is too lazy to do anything. A girl can’t just stay in front of the mirror, do makeup, and look at their own reflection all day. To men’s perspective, they prefer a long term relationship with someone who is independent and organized. Of course, who would like to live in the house with someone whose clothes lie everywhere on the floor?

3. Liar

types of girls that guys hate
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No matter if it is small or big lies, cheat, or break promises, guys hate those. To be in a healthy and strong relationship, the two people have to be honest and open to each other. In any circumstances, truth should be the only thing in words and actions to maintain a strong relationship.

4. Moody

types of girls that guys hate
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Girls can change her mood from 0 to 1000 in under one second. However, if a girl is way too moody and gets mad for no reason, guys will no longer stay with her. Learn to not take jokes or things way too seriously, have some fun so that both people can be happy. Also, learn to hold your temper because ladies, getting angry will age you faster than you think.

5. Selfish

types of girls that guys hate
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You can say I have to love myself first because nobody loves me than I do. However, don’t be so selfish to the point that you want someone else to follow your decision all the time. Try to listen to your partner’s opinion and agree with him sometimes. There is no such thing as ‘girls are always right.’ That phrase has already shown selfishness, so be less self-love.

6. Troublemaker

types of girls that guys hate
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Jealousy and spoiled are the main reasons that cause the girls to be that way. Men know so well how insane a woman can be when she is jealous. However, trouble him too much will cause stress and bored in the relationship itself. A girl should control her emotion and be more nice to the guy.

7. Unreasonable

types of girls that guys hate
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Most of the time in a fight, you will see women screaming, yelling, and crying at the same time. Sometimes, we women, want to win the argument, want the man to apologize. However, if you get mad at him unreasonably, he has no reasons to apologize. That makes the girls get even more mad, and fights continue endlessly in the relationship.

Hopefully, this might help. Be nicer, and you will never know that someone out there is having a crush on you.


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