7 Mythical Creatures That People Believed Existed


Childhood was awesome, and most of us watch countless cartoons and animations movies back then. In those films, we saw a lot of different mythical creatures that don’t exist in real life. However, some of us at least thought or believed that those creatures exist or once existed. The truth is we never know if they were actually real or made up by people. Also, how could people imagine and put those creatures into image if they didn’t exist? I think at least you once thought or believed that the creatures in our list here existed. Check them out and share your thoughts!

1. Mermaid

image: Wikimedia Commons
Mermaid is one of the mysterious creatures that many people existed. There are many cultures throughout the world that have mermaids in their folktales. People believed that mermaids are the aquatic creature with the head and upper body of human with a fish tail. Mermaids are described to be beautiful and haunting at the same time. Some people think that mermaids are the ones who cause storms, shipwrecks, or drowning to voyagers across the sea. Most of those people are sailors and pirates. While some other people think that mermaids are beneficent and attractive which sometimes fall in love with humans. There have been reported sightings of mermaids by people as well.

image: Pixabay

For male creature of the same kind is called merman whose upper body is male with a tail of a fish. Some people even got the chance to film the sighting on their device, yet it was described as hoax. Till today, no evidence can prove that mermaids or mermen are real at all.

2. Unicorn

image: Pixabay

Personally, I thought unicorns existed! Unicorns are the horses with a long horn on their head. Since horses exist, there are many people believed that unicorns exist too. People described unicorn as the magical creature that lives in the deep forests. Meanwhile in Middle Ages and Renaissance, unicorns are the symbol of purity and grace. And only virgin women could capture and tame these creatures for they are pure. Back then people believed that the horn of unicorn can heal sickness and do many magical things. Many countries also use the image of unicorns to represent their army as well. Apart from mythical proofs, the actual sightings or captivities of unicorns have never been done.

3. Giant

image: Pixabay

Somehow we think giants were real because there are a lot of huge constructions back in ancient times. Since there were no machines to build those structures, we thought giants played a part in that. Like how do you explain the large walls, huge statues, and other monuments to be built by tiny humans? Giants exist in almost every culture and folktale in the world which is remains a doubt. Giants are believed to be the monsters of human with huge size and powerful strength.

image: blankexit

The thing is that there have been anthropologists discovered human fossils from thousands years before. The skull alone was around 32 inches already which is absolutely bigger than ours nowadays. Those fossils are twice or thrice bigger than human today, which mean giant is still a debatable topic.

4. Kraken


Giant octopus attacks ship
image: Wikimedia Commons
Kraken is the giant squid believed by people to be the legendary sea monster of Norway and Greenland. People describe kraken as huge as a ship for they saw it as an island instead of fish due to its size. They said kraken lives in the deep sea or ocean and feed on fish under the there. However, it also attacks sailors sometimes and no one could live to tell the tale. They also said that kraken used its long and huge tentacles to grab and wreck the ship into pieces. Then, it fed people who jumped into the sea.

image: Wikimedia Commons
But in modern days, kraken is just the squid or octopus that have grown bigger than it should. There have been reported a giant squid washed ashore in New Zealand with a size of a man only. However, the huge ocean is still a mysterious place. We never know what’s under there.

5. Pixie

image: Pixabay

Pixies are the little fairies or angels from mythical folklore. The origin of pixies might be from celtic era. Pixies believed to be the tiny magical fairies with pointy ears who has light shines from their body. Remember Tinker Bell from Peter Pan? That is the example of how a pixie would look like. As a kids, some people believed that pixies are their protectors or imaginary friends at some points. Since pixies are described to be the joyful creatures who love singing and dancing, children are likely to imagine them. There is even a traditional event known as Pixie Day on June. However, there are various descriptions on pixies. Some pixies are said to steal children or lead travelers astray as well. The sightings of pixies are likely to never occurred.

6. Dragon

image: BagoGames

Let’s not forget about this legendary creature here. The appearance of dragon is varies in different cultures. Like European dragons are believed to have wings and be able to fly and breath fire. But for Asian dragon, they are believed to live under the water and fly without wings. In Asian beliefs, dragons are the powerful and intelligent creature that people worship. Since Asian described dragons are the serpentine creature, some people tend to think sea serpents are dragons.

image: Wikimedia Commons

Some people have captured or seen sea serpents every now and then in which they believe dragons exist. Actually, what they captured are only oarfish. There have been nature phenomenas like small storm over the river which believed to be caused by dragons. Yet in Thailand, people gather by the riverbank once a year to see the fire shot from the water. The event is believed to be the power of dragon, and the fire shots are real. What caused it and why it happened remain in questions.

7. Pegasus

image: Max Pixel

Pegasus is the pure white horse that has a pair of wings which allows it to fly. Apart from Greek mythology where Pegasus is the god’s ride, there are also other beliefs. For example, Cambodian people believed that Pegasus was the previous creature of horses nowadays. According to the folklore, horses were able to fly but their wings were cut off by monks. There was one Pegasus among the group stole the meal prepared by the monks for the king. Since no one admitted to steal, the monks decided to cut off all of their wings so that they won’t fly again. And they become the horses we know today. If you ask whether Pegasus is real or not, the answer shall depend on ourselves. Since we only Pegasus in Greek mythology and some folklores only.


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