7 Healthy Food And Drinks That You Should Have In The Morning

healthy food and drinks
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We all know breakfast is a very important meal of the day. If you begin your day with healthy food and drinks, you will feel good for the rest of the day. Of course, food choice each morning can influence the whole day that you spend. It is necessary to pick the right meal to be both healthy and happy, isn’t it? If you really are into a healthy diet, I shall bring you these 7 healthy food and drinks right here. They are easy to find, easy to consume, and healthy to have every day. Take a look and see if you find your new favorite breakfast.


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Bananas make awesome breakfast, really. They are full of sodium that maintains hydration in your body without affecting your health. Bananas make your stomach works well, and you can turn them into different courses of the meal. You can add bananas to your pancakes, or mix the bananas with eggs to make your own pancakes. Or you can just have a banana after your breakfast, bananas are incredible.


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Eggs are full of protein that increases the metabolism to work faster and better. Having eggs for breakfast helps you burn more calories and keep fit effectively. You can have one or two boiled eggs for breakfast, and you will be happy the whole morning. Eggs won’t make you hungry for extra snacks at all, and might even make you feel full till lunchtime. I’ve been having eggs for breakfast like forever because I don’t eat meat, and I am never craving for lunch. Boiled eggs are great for health and body, you will surely love them.

3Green Tea

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Green Tea is one of the healthy beverages that you should have in the morning. It has zero calories, and it helps a lot to your health and skin. Consuming warm green tea in the morning will keep you fresh and relaxed the whole day. The secret? That is because organic green tea is natural and healthy, and you really should try it.


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Many diet takers know how good yogurt is for health. It does not only make good breakfast but also snack at night as well since it won’t make you gain weight. Plain yogurt is full of potassium, and it tastes great. In case you want to add flavor, extra fruits like strawberries or blueberries will do. It makes you feel full, and it even helps with weight loss.

5Coconut Juice

Coconut Drink, Pangandaran
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If you don’t mind walking to the restroom every now and then, you can drink coconut juice in the morning. The juice from coconut can reduce blood pressure, and of course, decrease your weight. You can have coconut juice after breakfast, or bring a bottle of it to drink at work or school. Not to mention coconut juice helps smoothen your skin and face, this juice is awesome to drink.

6Peanut Butter

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A few slices of peanut butter bread make a healthy breakfast for both kids and adults. Peanut butter contains nutritions that are good for health. It can keep you energetic and fresh for the rest of the day, and it is tasty as well.


healthy food and drinks
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Choose the right oatmeal, especially the one with organic and natural ingredients. Oatmeal can help with your heart and blood pressure which keeps you healthy. There are many ways that you can turn your plain oatmeal into an awesome breakfast. Add your own flavor by throwing some fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas in the bowl. It is healthy, tasty, and absolutely great to consume. Stay fit and healthy.


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