7 Animals With Special Armors That We Should Not Mess With

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We have some animals with special armors out there living in the nature. These animals have special body armors that double protect themselves from their predators. Some of them have very tough skins, while the others have spines that cause great injuries. With their body shields, they can also attack prey and even human without any fear as well. From on land to in the water animals, there are 7 special of them in our list today. Check them out and let us know which one you think is the strongest and toughest of them all.

1. Rhinoceros

animals with special armors
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Just so you know, rhinoceros is one of the strongest animals in the world. There are a few different species or rhino including Indian rhinoceros, African rhinoceros, etc. All of them share similar body feature and strength. Rhinoceros can grow up to 3.5 to 6 feet tall with the weight between 1 to 2 tons. They have very large and thick skin of around 1.5 to 5 centimeters. This thick skin my friend, is like a strong body armor that protect them from attackers in the world. With their size, their weight, and their strength, it is absolutely difficult to take them down by force.

2. Armadillo

animals with special armors
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We all know that armadillo uses its shell to protect themselves when they’re in danger. Actually, the skin of armadillo is more like a shell armor. This shell is also flexible which allows them to curl up into a ball easily. Once they curled up, they can roll away or protect themselves staying in there. Once the predators get tired of waiting and go away, armadillo simply comes out of its shell. Well, from head to toe, armadillo’s body is covered with hard skin that plays great part in their life.

3. Pangolin

animals with special armors
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Pangolin looks similar to armadillo, known as scaly anteater also has great body armor. Most of their body covered with tough and protective scales that shield them from predators. Apart from the body armor, pangolin also has huge claws and long sticky tongue as well. They don’t have teeth though, well what do they need teeth for, they’re ant eaters anyway.

Pangolin defending itself from lions (Gir Forest, Gujarat, India)
image: Wikimedia Commons
As you can see, these lions can’t do anything when the Pangolin curled up. Just stand there jaw dropping:D

4. Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator snapping turtle (1)
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Often known as the dragon in the water, alligator snapping turtle is one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world. This dinosaur in turtle world has unique body and features which make them different from their relatives. They can grow as big as an average human body size with weight between 70 to 80 kg. The special part of their body is those thorny spikes on their hard shell. The name already tells you how they attack and protect themselves. They have powerful jaws that can snap your fingers from your hand in a blink of an eye.

5. Porcupines

animals with special armors
image: Mark Kent

They don’t have such shells or scales, but porcupines have these quills that you should not mess around with. To clear the myth, no porcupines don’t shoot quills from their bodies like you’ve seen in the cartoon. However, those quills can detach easily with a simple touch or interaction with porcupine’s body. Normally, their quills stay nicely flat on their body.

animals with special armors
image: Priyantha de Alwis

But when threatened, porcupine erects their sharp quills as defense mechanism which is terrifyingly dangerous. The quills of porcupines are like tiny needles with sharp tips and barbs on the ends. That mean once it gets inside the skin, pulling it out is not an easy thing. Porcupines are the not the animals to play around with.

animals with special armors
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Dogs are number one enemy who try to bite or attack porcupines. Guess what, they ended up having quills penetrate their faces. If you have dogs, train them to stay away from porcupines.

6. Sturgeon Fish

animals with special armors
image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region

You might have never heard of a sturgeon before, but they also have great body armor as well. A sturgeon has these scutes on their body known as modified scale. These scutes are tough and strong which protect them from predators, and make them unique. Each sturgeon has 5 rows of scutes along their body from head to toe, pretty safe to swim around.

7. Arapaima Fish

animals with special armors
image: Raita Futo

Arapaima lives in the Amazon river which is why they need to have piranha-proof scales to protect themselves. These scales gather in spiral layers that curve inward and outward to protect their body. Despite the sharp teeth of piranhas, the scales make great armor fro arapaima. Shame on you, piranhas!


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