6 Animals That Don’t Need Male For Reproduction

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Earth is an amazing place where everything exist even animals that don’t need male for reproduction. Well, these females are either independent enough to mate themselves or too ugly to find mates. While some other species just lack of male organism. So what do the females do? They simply fertilize their own eggs.

This cycle is called Parthenogenesis or Virgin Births. It happens in some specific species either because lack of males, population sex control, or an abundance of resources. Here we have some animals in the list that can give birth without mating.

1. Crayfish

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
image: lana du Croq

It was a surprise in 2003 when biologists found that the female crayfish who lives by herself repeatedly laid eggs. Those eggs later developed into offspring which caused doubts to scientists. They examined her carefully to see if there is any sperm or male gonads they might fertilize her eggs. Then they found out that this female crayfish could reproduce without male help at all by creating all-female clone series.

2. Komodo Dragon

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
image: pelican

In 2006, scientists realized that female Komodo dragons can lay eggs without mating. Even better, those eggs developed into healthy male offspring! Female Komodo dragons are the special species that have 2 different sex chromosomes. They produces the eggs with chromosome count that doubles back up which result in male dragons.

3. Whiptail Lizards

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
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Sadly, whiptail lizards are the species that have no males exist. However, they have the ability to produce offspring on their own without needing a male at all. The funny thing is that some of these lizards also mount each other before laying their eggs as well.

4. Hammerhead Sharks

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
image: beachchairscientist.com

There is a species of hammerhead shark called shovelhead shark which is absolutely not attractive. But that is not the reason she didn’t get a mate. In 2001, she gave birth to a shark pup that left argument between scientists for years. Till 2007, the DNA of the pup have shown that it was the only product of its mother. Unlike Komodo dragons, the shark pups resulted from parthenogenesis are females not males.

5. Chicken and Turkey

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
image: animalphotos.me

Chicken and Turkey are also the animals that use parthenogenesis to fertilize their eggs. In most younger hens have lower level of age-related genetic damage. So, they can reproduce more viable chicks without needing a male at all.

6. Honey Bees

animals that don’t need male for reproduction
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There are certain insects like greenflies, stick insects, scorpions, termites, and honey bees that can reproduce without males. However, the most special insect in this case is honey bee. The queen bee mates only once in her life, but maybe more than one time with many males during that time. Later, the sperm will be used to fertilize some of her eggs which will become female worker bees. While her unfertilized eggs will grow into bee via parthenogenesis which become male drones.