5 Interesting Animals With More Than One Heart That You Should Know


We discussed about animals with more than two eyes before, and we will go to something more extreme this time. Animals with more than one heart is an interesting thing to know and learn about, isn’t it? Most people think creatures are born with just one heart, because who needs more? It is not like that actually.

Here we have 5 animals that are gifted with more than one hearts in their bodies. The interesting thing is that some of their hearts are real while the other are not at all. To clear your doubts, let’s get into it.


image: Navin

Squids are the creatures that are born with 3 hearts in its body. The hearts are divided into 2 different functions; 1 is systemic while the other 2 are branchial hearts. Its 2 branchial hearts have the role of pumping blood to the gills. As for the systemic heart, it receives all the blood flow which it pumps to the rest of the body.


Just like squids, octopuses are also classified in cephalopods which means they have 3 hearts. Since they are from the same family, and their hearts also work in the very same way as well. 2 hearts pump blood to the gill while the other one circles the blood in the whole body. Apart from 3 hearts, the interesting about squids and octopuses is that they have blue blood.


image: Pixabay

Earthworm are one of the animals with more than one heart, but incomplete ones. Earthworms are known to have 5 hearts, but those are not complete hearts at all. The hearts that earthworms possess are called pseudohearts which are not technically hearts at all. Just like most hearts work, the 5 so-called hearts of earthworms have the function to pump through their bodies. The thing is that those 5 hearts play a large role in keeping the earthworms alive, basically to keep them moist.

Living under the ground, earthworms need to be moist to stay alive. They can breathe when they are moist which is why the hearts are important. Those hearts pump the blood back and forth through their bodies to maintain movements and breathing. Sounds complicated, but earthworms are one interesting creatures that share the earth with us.


image: Jonathan D

Looks like an eel but called a fish, this creature is born with 4 hearts. The 4 hearts work different roles in the hagfish body. One heart is a branchial heart that serves as the main pump while the other three serves as accessory pump. These nasty creatures feed on dead animals on the bed of the sea, and hearts are the only cool things about them.


Some people thought that cockroaches have 13 hearts, but their tiny bodies cannot handle that actually. In fact, cockroaches have 1 heart with 13 chambers which give them extra advantages to live. As for human, there are 4 chambers in our heart. If one chamber fails, there might be a lot of consequences to face. Cockroaches don’t have to worry about that since their hearts have 13 chambers.

Interesting Fact: Cockroaches that can fly have bigger hearts than the wingless ones.


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