5 Considerable Things That You Must Not Do When You Are Drunk

things that you must not do when you are drunk

Before you grab your glasses of alcohol, read this. There many things that you must not do when you are drunk because it might lead to regrets in the morning. It can be a one time thing that brings no effects at all when you are with some good friends. What if your friends are drunk too? Then who looks over who?

Base on the recent observation, there are 5 important things that you must not do when you are drunk. From small to big, let’s not make or repeat these things at all.

1Drunk Driving

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If you still love your life, don’t get wasted and take the wheels. Things are so short and simple, you either kill yourself or other people, or even both. If you can control yourself from hitting and killing the others, go on and drive. Do it with responsibility, and everyone will be safe and happy.

2Drunk Texting

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This is a total no. You never know what you are going to say when your head is spinning. You also never know who you are going to text when you can barely control yourself. What you said on your drunk night can be your embarrassment for the next 6 months or longer. Who knows?

The worst scenario is drunk texting your ex saying how you feel. Things that you never want to say or should never say might be flooding in your ex’s phone when you are drunk. You know you don’t want that to happen, keep your phone away when you know you are going to get drunk.

3Drunk Talking

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Apart from words in messages, verbal conversations also what you should not make when you are drunk as well. We all have seen people got into fights in the bar because of their words. Yeah, yeah, we are happy and we want to talk when we are drunk. What if your happiness in drinking brings you a punch in the face?

It might have not have happened before, it might not happen now, but don’t let that happen in the future. No matter how much you drink, don’t take it to the level that it might get you in trouble. If you know that you cannot control your words, bring some friends that can calm you down. For the sake of yourself, don’t get yourself too drunk you bring trouble to yourself.

4Drunk Spending

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Always know how much you have in your pocket. I kinda overspent on my birthday party, luckily I had my friends with me. As for you, you have to remind yourself how much you can spend. There are times when you are so happy and drunk that you make it rain without having a cloud.

The best tip is to bring friends that can either prevent you from spending or those who can cover your spending. That is not a big deal, but you might end up washing the dishes for the whole night for the bar.

5Drunk Sexing

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Generally speaking, it is one of the most serious regrets people have the next morning. You wouldn’t want to wake up in a different bed next to a stranger, would you? Having a one night stand is not a new thing, but there might be unpleasant things after. I don’t want to mention STD or other diseases. And I also don’t want to mention some random people that take advantage of you or kill you as well.

Anything could happen, so never go to drink alcohol alone no matter how broken-hearted you can be. Find someone you can trust with you so that you can talk or share your problems with. You might need some me-time, but still, don’t risk.


At the end of the day, drinking too much is never good for you no matter what. That is why you should do things with responsibilities no matter how bad your situation is. Always go with some friends, and never your feelings occupy your entire decision and life.


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