20 Uniquely Beautiful Albino Animals That You Should See


Being colorful is not the only beauty because these beautiful albino animals here are also unique in their way. With albinism, these animals covered with white colors almost 99% of their bodies. This is the rare case due to the absence of color pigments in their bodies. Mostly, albino animals have pink or red eyes. Albinism occurs on almost every species including humans, birds, reptiles, mammals, and more.

There are 4 types of albinism: total albinism, incomplete albinism, imperfect albinism, and partial albinism. The bad thing about albinism is that it reduces the animal’s survivability. Because of their white color, they cannot camouflage to avoid predators at all.

Just like people, albino animals stand out in their species. If lucky, they are captured and preserved to avoid getting attacked from predators. If not, they might end up being food of other animals. Albino animals exist almost in every species, but I bring only some for you today. So, here are the 20 uniquely beautiful albino animals that show you the beauty of being colorless. If you like them, I will make the second part of it. Let us know which one you think is the most beautiful.

1. Turtle

Being unique is also beautiful sometimes.

beautiful albino animals
image: Tumblr

2. Kiwi Bird

beautiful albino animals

3. Koala

beautiful albino animals

4. Humpback Whale

Only a few of them spotted so far, they are extremely rare.

beautiful albino animals

5. Seahorse

Albino seahorse is also rare.

beautiful albino animals
image: keywordsuggestions.com

6. Horse

image: Wikimedia Commons 

7. Whitetail Deer

Albino White-tailed Deer (male)
image: Wikimedia Commons

8. Squirrel

He didn’t know he was photoed while sleeping.

beautiful albino animals
image: Tumblr

9. Penguin

Looks like this penguin forgot his black coat.

beautiful albino animals
image: C Dogg

10. Lobster

This is one in a million.

beautiful albino animals
image: Tumblr

11. Raccoons

Raccoons are always adorable to look at.

beautiful albino animals
image: Cutest Paw

12. Gorilla

The gesture though.

beautiful albino animals
image: Funnneeeee!

13. Zebra

Brown and white stripes make this zebra look amazingly incredible.

beautiful albino animals
image: PlanetSave

14. Flamingo

An albino flamingo is a crane in disguise!

beautiful albino animals
image: Suggest-keywords.com

15. Buffalo

Not so white, the color of buffalo is not that bright.

beautiful albino animals
image: Ryan McFarland

16. Alligator

This is Pearl, and she is the heart of the zoo due to her uniqueness.

beautiful albino animals
image: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

17. Peacock

image: Pixabay

This peacock is like the royal peacock being albino like that.

18. Eastern Screech Owl

Those eyes are beyond perfect!

beautiful albino animals
image: OwlTree

19. Hummingbird

You might have never seen a white hummingbird before, and this is so beautiful.

beautiful albino animals
image: Your Travel Videos

20. Lion

This king of jungle looks absolutely stunning in white.

beautiful albino animals
image: imgur.com


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