20 Adorable Cat Pictures That Makes Your Heart Goes Aww


Cats are one of the cutest animals that we know, and these adorable cat pictures here will prove you why. Well, kittens and cats are clumsy yet funny which is absolutely adorable. Of course, some of them are lazy, but they’re great fun to hang around as well. One of the best things that cats have are their beautiful eyes. They also have cute smiles! Let’s explore the 20 photos below and you will see why these lazy animals are lovable.


It is always adorable when a cat plays with its tail.


Look at those eyes!


He looks surprised!


How happy this cat is! This is like the most adorable facial expression ever.


Watermelons for hats, what do you think?


Cats can look good in anything, especially this beanie.




A cat with blue eyes is the real beauty.


What an adorable pose.


Cuddling is everything, right?


Hugging your teddy bear and sleep, this cat totally rocked this.


True love is real! A hug and a forehead kiss <3


Posing with a book, yet the eyes look so fierce and beautiful.


Purple eyes? If this cat is real, it must have the most beautiful eyes among cats.


She looks so shy, and those eyes are beyond perfect.


You don’t have to be fit to be beautiful. A little overweight also possesses beauty as well! So fluffy.


Another cat enjoying hugging his teddy bear. This is so cute to watch.


Green eyes look simply perfect on this cat. This is so rare to see an amazing eyes of a cat like that.


The face you make on a night before exam with a pile of books. Procrastination looks even better on cats.


Cats express their affection through licking. As you can see, these two are a very sweet couple. Love simply exists everywhere!